What *should* a graduation speaker at a Catholic college be like?

I propose that the Holy Father bring Cardinal Arinze out of retirement and make him the Mandatory Graduation Speaker at all Catholic institutions of higher education.

Having been accused of wanting a “Bob Jones University,” and having been challenged on my support for Cardinal Arinze’s Georgetown speech , I’ve gotten to thinking about who the ideal graduation speaker at a Catholic school would be.

Fr. John Corapi, SOLT, would make a *fantastic* graduation speaker.

RADIX would be good, too.

If you want to be slightly liberal, you could have Fr. Groeschel.

Several years ago, I heard a guest on EWTN–I think it was before Mother Angelica retired, but when Fr. Pacwa or someone was subbing for her. This lady started a multimillion dollar a year, non-government funded, charity for the homeless.

She already had 7+ kids (forget exactly what number, but thikn it was closer to 12), and they were living in a very small house. She ran her house like a tight ship, and one day her husband suggested she needed to do more for God.

Most people would have slapped the guy upside the head.

Instead, she went out and started a soup kitchen. She ran the whole operation on Providence, and has been hugely successful.

I don’t remember her name, but *she* would make a good graduation speaker.

A graduation speaker should talk about “what you do next,” or “how my success should be an example to you.”

By inviting presidents at all, Notre Dame is saying that worldly ambitoin is something to emulate. They are setting the presidency of the United States as the standard for what they consider success.

That lady with her soup kitchen would be a much better example of success.

Fr. Corapi would be a much better example of both the emptiness of worldly success and what should really matter to Catholics.

Would Notre Dame have ever invited Mother Angelica??

I doubt it.

But unless a US president is a Catholic with 10 kids who has managed to get elected by living a completely virtuous life, without ever compromising his faith, *or* unless he has some profound conversion story to tell about how he’s making up for the things he did in his early life, then I really don’t see what a president has to tell our Catholic youth.

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