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Sign a Petition in Support of Pope Benedict!

American Papist has posted a link to a petition by Human Life International supporting the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, in his time of trial, with the many assaults against him in the media. So far, it’s only had a measley 45,000 signatures–not much compared to the PewSitter Notre Dame petition. Not much for a religion with over 1 billion adherents. Let’s get those numbers up!

"Don’t Cry for Me": La LuPone talks to Susan Boyle

Patti LuPone, the original Broadway “Evita” and star of Life Goes On, originated the role of Fantine in Les Miserables. The other day, comparing renditions to Susan Boyle, I pulled up a Youtube of a Patti LuPone concert (it was hosted by a member with the humorous name of “Belting for Dummies”). She commented that Fantine is “the perfect role: on stage for 20 minutes, sing the perfect song, then die. . . . Hang out and relax for 2 hours, then come back at the end as a ghost.”

She’s probably reaped some big residuals this week with all the online downloads.

Anyway, The Early Show interviewed Susan this morning, and interviewed Patti LuPone over the phone.

“I heard it on YouTube like everyone else. . . . I started to cry!”
–Patti LuPone.

“The ones that made fun of me are now nice to me”
–Susan Boyle

h/t to The Deacon’s Bench

Of the many reasons this is so inspiring, is that, at a time when civilization is at its nadir, the world is going gaga over a woman whose voice is truly operatic in a natural away.

I mean, that’s what I’ve never liked about American Idol: they’re looking for a Mariah Carey or someone like that.

Susan said she wanted to be “like Elaine Paige.” As a singer, shows blows Elaine Paige and Patti LuPone away. They are broadway singers: their singing is great, but they sing and act (which is crucial in a musical). Elaine Paige is so successful because she has a good voice for pop/adult contemporary.

But the singer I would most compare Susan Boyle to is Andrea Bocelli–or to Sarah Brightman before she went nuts, or to Charlotte Church before she went nuts. There is no effort in her singing. It is pure and natural, a natural instrument. Andrea Bocelli stands at the microphone, and it looks like he’s whispering. She’s the same way. It’s a true gift.

But, as Susan’s pastor notes, I worry about what these media vultures will do to a woman who is so innocent and vulnerable.

Where have you gone, St. Tarcisius?

O Martyr who died that pagan eyes might not even look upon the Sacred Body of Our Lord in the form of the Eucharist, who would not reveal the Sacred Mysteries, pray for us who show them no reverence at all.

Napolitano isn’t sorry for what she said; just how she said it

Sarah Palin talks about temptation to abort Trig

Key point, as quoted here:
Though it was unclear from her remarks how seriously she considered terminating the pregnancy, she assured the audience that “we went through some things a year ago that’s helped me understand a woman and a girl’s temptation to make this go away.”

Here’s another link to discussion of the speech, as long as embedded video.

Here’s part one of the speech:

Diocese of Rockville Center, NY, supports Eucharistic Desecration

Another “I told you so” moment.

Last year, when celebrity canon lawyer Ed Peters initially defended Doug Kmiec, he said that Canon 915 only applies to people who have defiantly and repeatedly engaged in public sin, been warned about it, and refused to repent.

I asked him about a) Satanists, b) People who show up at the altar rail smelling of alcohol or chewing bubble gum, and c) those who show up for mass immodestly dressed (or all three). He accused me of making an extreme argument, that “of course” such individuals should be denied Communion. . . .

I’ve been involved with or read similar exchanges every time a bishop is quoted echoing Cardinal McCarrick’s declaration that “I don’t believe in denying Communion to anyone.”

Well, a priest in the diocese of Rockville Center, NY, recently got fed up with Eucharistic descreation in his parish: hosts being carried out in young people’s pockets; hosts being left in hymnals; etc. He wasn’t even talking about denying Communion, but he said that he was forbidding reception on the Hand.

The priest has received a smackdown from his diocese. Within a week of his announcement, he received a letter from his diocese, stating their policy on reception of Communion, and had to reverse it in the next week’s bulletin.

GEE! People dont’ react this quickly when a priest preaches heresy! But they react immediately when he calls for respect of the Blessed Sacrament!

Anyway, he should do what Cardinal Arinze recommends as a solution to this issue, and what some priests in the Diocese of Arlington do: distribute Communion by intinction. Then it *has* to be received on the tongue, and it *has* to be distributed by a priest.

Letter to Sr. Sheila Browne, RSM, Assistant Director of Worship for the Diocese of Rockville Center, NY

Dear Sr. Sheila,

It never ceases to amaze me. No matter how many times I have heard priests preaching blatant heresy from the pulpit, no one has stood up. Priests engage in acts of scandal, and are reported to their diocese, and the diocese don’t act. But let a priest stand up for reverence for the Blessed Sacrament, and watch out! Diocesan reaction is swift and brutal.

Having never heard of the so-called Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions (exactly which Vatican curia is that), I would rather go by the advice of our prefect emeritus of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, Francis Cardinal Arinze, who said that he’d prefer if all priests distributed Holy Communion by intinction: a method which is a) given preference in the GIRM over reception by hand; b) reserved to priests alone (eliminating the “need” for extraordinary ministers) and c) only done by tongue.

Certainly, reception on the tongue is no guarantee of reverence for the Sacred Body. I have twice witnessed priests pursuing congregants who did not visibly pursue the Host. The first time, it was three very immodestly dressed young women, who made jokes all through Mass. Only two went up for Communion. One went to the priest, who stopped Communion and ordered her to relinquish the Host that she did not immediately consume. The other girl went to an ECM and, when she got back to the pew in front of us, she and the other girls “huddled” and looked at an object in her hands.

Another occasion was at a parish where the priest distributed Communion by intinction. Eucharistic descration by Satanists has gone on throughout history, so obviously reception on the tongue is not a complete solution.

Nevertheless, there can be no doubt that reception on the hand—an indult granted originally to North America on an experimental basis and never a direct intention of Vatican II—has resulted in a great rise of both irreverence towards and outright desecration of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ. Consider the nun who said to Mother Angelica, “You’re one of those ‘cookie worshippers,’ aren’t you?” Or the Sister who said to participants in Eucharist Adoration at my old parish: “Jesus is just as present in that garden as He is in this Church!”

People approach the altar in various states of undress (such as the aforementioned teenaged girls, who were wearing see-through tops with colored bras), chewing gum, etc. Polls show that most Catholics see greater importance in the Signum Pacis than in Holy Communion.

In most parishes, almost every person sitting in Church goes to Communion on Sunday, but how many are lined up for Confession on Saturday afternoon?But let a priest or deacon preach about respect for the Blessed Sacrament, and look out! The parish goes into an uproar about how “backwards” and “uncompassionate” he is!
Let a priest or a deacon actually call for acts of reverence towards the Blessed Sacrament, and he gets a slap-down from the Bishop himself, or, worse ,from a low-level diocesan bureaucrat who isn’t even ordained clergy.

I don’t see how a Bride of Christ can have so little reverence for His Body.