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Stop and ask yourself, which group or groups do you give yourself permission to think of as “less?” Imagine that ingrained into you from a young age (you shouldn’t have to imagine–everyone–myself included–is given some group, probably several, they have permission to mock or think less of, if they think of them as at all, starting as a young child) and then decide what would happen if you found your whole community, every aspect of your life, reinforcing this group as less, day in and day out for most of your life. You’re not permitted to know the full history of the persecution, and you only know what you are taught. Anyone who undermines the history also engages in hatred of your own beliefs and upbringing and you can’t see how they’re any different as they engage in evil behavior.

What would happen? (What’s happening now.)

What’s the remedy? (The grace of constant repentance to God by each person.)

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