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Guest Post By Allie: “My Hero: My Dad”

[Editor’s Note: I posted this to her blog, but I also wanted to post it here.  When Allie said she had to write a short essay about her hero, and asked who her hero is, I pointed vaguely to myself jokingly.  She said, “Oh, right!  My dad!”  I said, “You’re an easy mark.”  I swear she did not receive any help in drafting this from her mom or me; possibly from grandparents, but not from us!  I edited the spelling and punctuation, but this is all hers. Mary says this is going on my tombstone.]

He has Marfan syndrome.  It is a miracle he is alive.  His aorta dissected in January.  So, really, he is a miracle from the Lord!  He is one of the main supporters of our family, teaching college English, and he does garden work.

[Editor’s note: From her Father’s Day Card:
“Dear Dad,
You are a great dad.
You work for us.
You cook for us.
You take care of us.
Keep up the good work!
Love, your daughter, Allie Hathaway, age 9”]