Now *THIS* is how you deal with a Crisis!

The United States could stand to learn a lesson from Mexico.

Mexico City had a solemn procession to pray for an end to the swine flu.

That is how Christians respond to a crisis. Not, “our country was just bombed. Go to work tomorrow.” Not “We’re going to go over there and nuke ’em.” Not, “we’re going to beat suspects senseless for fear of another attack.” Not “We won’t win this by turning the other cheek.” Not “Let’s give the government more control over our lives.”

But “Let’s all get together in the streets and process and pray!”

There are many on the Catholic Left who try to say that praying at abortion clinics is merely a sign of political protest, who imply thereby that they see prayer as such as ineffective.

Is this a political protest? How does one politically protest against a virus? (nevermind: I forgot that liberals think that their false god, politics, solves everything, and that the first reaction aganist a virus is political protest)

Anyway, let’s hear it for the people of Mexico City. Prayers that their procession will be successful!

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!

(Also, interesting that one of the first cases of swine flu in the US is a Notre Dame student)

Another problem with Americans and liberal Catholics: they have no concept of Divine Justice

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