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Nice article about a camp for disabled kids

Except that the authress, who helps at the camp, takes the whole “they’re not disabled; just different” approach, which really does a great disservice to the disabled.

Yes, disabled people can learn to adapt. But that doesn’t make us any less disabled. There are still things we can’t do. My electric wheelchair, for example, gives me the ability to go places and do things that would have been too strenuous before. But controlling it leaves me with only one free hand to “do stuff”. I can make up for that in part by putting stuff in my lap or hanging bags on the poles on the back.

But it’s more than being “differently abled”: I’m still at a distinct disadvantage, in most respects, to other people in the identical situation.

And, in practice, while certain situations may provide me with the accomodations I need, not every situation in life will. Employers only go so far in making “reasonable accomodations,” if they hire one at all.

It’s always great to see able-bodied people dismiss the severe impact that a disability has on a person’s quality of life.

That’s My Girl!

Allie had a poem published in The State newspaper today!

Daffodils are yellow
Some watermelons are yellow.
I wear a yellow shirt to my MOVES class.
And also a fellow in my MOVES class wears yellow
Yellow is so sweet
Yellow is so bright
Yellow is my favorite color,
The color of sunlight!
— Allie Hathaway, first grade, Columbia
South Carolina Virtual Charter School

Big Idea has a new, old owner

Phil Vischer reports that the guys who *used* to own Classic Media, John Engelman and Eric Ellenbogen, have bought back the assets of Entertainment Rights through their new corporation, Boomerang Media. Plus, they still have enough money to reinvigorate the company.

Tony Blair is hardly a convert in the spirit of Augustine or Dietrich von Hildebrand

Many wondered how a radical left-wing politician with a radical left-wing “Catholic” wife could convert to Catholicism.

Apparently, he didn’t really convert. He just joined the Church.

When Dietrich von Hildebrand was converting in his young adulthood, he said to the priest who was instructing him, “I agree with everything the Church teaches, except for contraception. I just can’t accept that, intellectually.”

The priest said, “You have to accept everything, or else you can’t convert.”

von Hildebrand–who, at the time, was contracepting with his first wife–replied, “Then I say with St. Augustine, ‘Then I believe in order to understand.'”

von Hildebrand, of course, went on to become one of the greatest apologists for the Church’s teachings on marriage, family and contraception, being one of the main inspirations for John Paul II’s “theology of the body.”

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