Daily Archives: April 8, 2009

Notre Dame Festival of Life

A message from a friend who’s studying Law at Notre Dame:

Hello friends of life!

All eyes are on Notre Dame in light of the Obama invitation. ND Action Coalition has organized the Festival of Life to respond effectively to this issue. We invite you to join us at Notre Dame on Commencement Weekend, May 16-17, 2009 to renew and affirm our commitment to life at the Festival of Life. Let us join with all the pro-life advocates in America. May this be the largest showing of pro-life citizens in American history.

Attached is a letter with more detail about the Festival. Please forward this email to ALL you know who support this cause. Promote it and encourage everyone you know to attend. Should you have any questions or if you plan to attend, please email us at NDAction@gmail.com.

In Solidarity for Life,
Marie Connelly
Pro-Life Organizations Liaison
ND Action Coalition

E-mail Marie Connelly, or e-mail me, for a copy of the full letter.