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Obama bows to the "king" of Saudi Arabia but not the QE2

With a few arguable exceptions, no American president has ever bowed to a foreign monarch, yet Barack Obama has, controversially, bowed to the “King” of Saudi Arabia.

Now, in one sense, the “King” of Saudi Arabia is as much royalty as anyone, but the “Saudis”–the family who currently rule much of “Arabia” (minus Yemen, Qatar, etc.)–have only been its “monarchs” for a little over half a century.

But visiting Queen Elizabeth II, he did not bow or show any other signs of respect. Indeed, it made headlines that QEII–who certainly doesn’t deserve the title of monarch for horrible way she manages her country, her empire (I’m sorry; “Commonwealth”), the Church of England or her family itself–broke protocol by putting he rarm around Michelle Obama.

But unlike those who see in Obama’s gesture a subtle statement of his allegedly surreptitious Mohammedism, I would suggest a different interpretation:

Saudi Arabia is probably the only country in the world, other than maybe Switzerland, that is financially solvent.

Everyone owes money to everyone else. And, ultimatelly, when you trace all the debt back to its origins, where do you come up??

A couple huge international banks, couple billionaire families that own the banks, and the Arabs.

Basically, everyone in the world is in debt to the Arabs. Saudi Arabia bought into Citibank a couple years ago, when the first signs of the worldwide economic collapse were showing up.

A year ago, I went to a conference by Fr. “Bing” Arellano, in which he talked about a bunch of conspiracy theories when I was expecting spirituality, and came out of it thinking he was a total nutcase. But much of what he said then has proven true in the past year: including the recent report that China is calling for a one world currency.

So, was Obama just bowing because he knows that Saudi Arabia will be calling the world’s debt pretty soon?

Let’s hear it for Archbishop Fabian Bruskewitz!!

Haven’t heard much about or from him lately, but he’s come out with a real zinger on the University of Notre Shame, saying that the institution has long since ceased to be Catholic, and he prays for its conversion.

Yes, "pro-lifers" are much "meaner" than liberals

A Philadelphia German shepherd breeder who sold a puppy to Joe Biden has become a target–not of conservatives mad that she supported the Vice President, but of “animal rights” activists who blame breeders for the deaths of animals in shelters, and say Biden should’ve gotten a dog from a shelter.

PETA seized the moment as an opportunity to blame the killing
of shelter animals on people who buy from breeders. The organization’s TV
commercial, “Buy One, Get One Killed” ran in Delaware after the Biden puppy story made headlines.

Yes, these are the kinds of wonderful, “tolerant” people who read Huffington Post. These are people who really care about “freedom of choice” and “dialogue.”

She was reported to animal control numerous times for alleged violations, cited for minor infractions, and had to spend $4,000 in legal fees to be found “not guilty.”

Brown says she and Biden both received death threats from animal

Yep. And so did the Monks at Mepkin Abbey. But how many episodes of Law and Order do you see about PETA terrorists blowing up farms or sniping at dog breeders??

Why don’t we hear Chris Matthews calling the Animal Rights Movement, collectively, a bunch of “terrorists” or, “I mean, verbal terrorists”???

PETA resorts to these kinds of tactics all the time. A pro-lifer calls it a “scandal” when the most pro-abortion, anti-Catholic president in history agrees to give the commencement speech at a university which claims to be Catholic yet teaches heresy, and that is referred to as “intolerant,” “venomous,” “mean” rhetoric that stifles dialgoue.

PETA resorts to these tactics all the time–just look at their website–but every pro-lifer is stigmatized by the actions of a couple people like John Salvi or Erich Rudolph (sp?).

A sidewalk counselor trying to give women brochures about alternatives to abortion and a person saying the rosary outside an abortion clinic are both labelled extremist fanatics who are potentially terrorists. But PETA activists throw red paint on people, and they’re noble heroes fighting for social change, and people–including the people who get the paint thrown on them–say, “We need to listen to their message. They are very committed to their cause”

A guy starts randomly sniping at people in the Washington, DC, area, and the media and the police waste everyone’s time for weeks with the asinine theory that it is “obviously an ‘Angry White Male,’ Christian conservative, military vet. . . . “

Yet when the sniper is finally caught (with a blue mercedes and not a “White van”–or wait, was it two separate white vans??), he turns out to be, yes, a vet, but an African American Nation of Islam guy who helps illegal aliens.

G. K. Chesterton said that tolerance is the only virtue of a man with no principles

According to this guy, it’s a necessary virtue of being “pro-life.”
So, a position (“pro-life”) based upon absolute moral principles can only be achieved by compromising those principles?

Notice that this guy has to go to The Huffington Post to “preach to the choir” (which is what the Catholic “Middle” and Catholic “Left” are accusing pro-lifers of doing). I mean, if his point is the importance of dialogue, why is he posting his views–addressed at conservative Catholics–on a liberal e-zine?

That’s what the Left has argued for decades. It’s also what Republicans have argued for decades, and look how much progress we’ve made so very incrementally: NONE.

Look how far we’ve come towards overturning Roe v. Wade: several Supreme Court precedents, from Planned Parenthood v. Casey to Gonzalez v. Carhart, which declare that abortion is an inalienable right and Roe v. Wade will not be overturned.

This is from 3 decades of “dialogue” and incrementalism and “trying to prevent abortion.”

But, again, Obama at Notre Dame is not just about abortion. It’s about the loss of identity of our Catholic universities.

As many have said, how would these very people talk about the discovery that a Catholic university in Germany had similarly honored Adolf Hitler? Or a Catholic university in the antebellum South honoring John C. Calhoun?

In related news, a petition of Notre Dame students supporting Obama has stunningly gained hundreds of signatures. That’s as opposed to 258,000 on the Pewsitter.com poll.

Also, the White House has confirmed that the “Red Envelope” campaign, prior to being shut down, sent 2 million envelopes to the White House: one of the biggest mail-in campaigns in 35 years. The “Red Envelope” project, to avoid the trademark issue that was raised last week, has changed its name to the “Life Envelope Project.”

Pro-Family activist flees "liberation theology" government of "Catholic" Brazil