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“We’re not out to get Sarah Palin; she’s just a rotten person!”

Had the dyspeptic experience of  being forced to hear (P)MSNBC during breakfast at an establishment this morning.    I was sitting there for about two hours, listening to this harpy go on  and on about Sarah Palin’s memoir:

MSNBC Anchoress (and I paraphrase): “In her new memoir, Going Rogue, Sarah Palin accuses the media and some McCain staffers of trying to sabotage her and destroy her reputation.  This is patently false, and here to prove it on this media program with me, a member of the media, is a former McCain staffer who thinks Sarah Palin is a big doodyhead.  I mean, come on, this woman had no qualifications, her daughter was pregnant, and there are questions about whether she deceived McCain about that, and she is a partisan figure, and nobody likes her.

Mr. FormerMcCainStaffer, on your website,, you say that everything she says in her memoir is a lie.  Is that what you really think?”
FormerMcCainStaffer: “Yes,  Ms. Anchorbabe.  I don’t know how she comes up with all these lies.  Everyone knows she was a bad pick for vice president, and this just proves it.  She destroyed McCain’s chances of getting elected, and she’s trying to blame us.”
Anchorbabe: “True, but isn’t is also that Sarah Palin is an idiot, and a backstabber, that she lied about her daughter’s pregnancy [which can hardly win support among values voters] and she’s ungrateful to the McCain Campaign for giving her a chance?  Her approval ratings among pro-abortion Democrats are at rock bottom.  Yes, she’s got huge approval with the certain segment of the partisan, hateful, anti-abortion traditional values Far Right Fascist crowd, but nobody likes them anymore.  And she can hardly have support among the social conservatives because her teenaged daughter was pregnant and she tried to keep it secret, isn’t that right, Mr. Staffer?”
Staffer: “Absolutely, AnchorBabe.  And this so-called memoir will just sink her approval ratings even lower.  All she does is paint herself as a victim, and nobody likes a whiner.  No one ever got elected president by playing the victim in a memoir.”
Anchorbabe: “And then there’s that whole teenaged pregnancy thing.  Did I mention there are questions about whether she lied to the McCain campaign about that? . . . .Well, that’s all the time we have for this segment.  Up Next: Sarh Palin’s controversial new memoir: Is she committing libel against the media and the McCain campaign?  A former McCain staffer will be here to listen to my opinion!”


It’s First Thursday–Remember to Dedicate Priests to the Sacred Heart

In this Year of Priests, the Holy Father has offered a Plenary Indulgence, under usual conditions, to those who, while in church, commit all priests to the protection of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.