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St. Teresa of Avila on positive friendships

St. Teresa de Jesus says that it is good to pursue friendships with those who are more spiritually advanced.

“Love such persons as much as you like. They must be few, but the Lord does desire that ti be known when someone has reached perfection. You will be immediately told that speaking with him is unnecessary, that it is enough to have God. But a good means to having God is to speak with His friends, for one always gains very much from this” (Way of Perfection, Ch. 7, para. 4).

A cool website on the Jesus Rosary

"Oops" Pregnancy?

A popular straw man argument holds that Christians, and Catholics in particular, are “anti-sex.”

The reality, of course, is that we see sexuality as something sacred and exalted. Thus, the use of the term “Oops Pregnancy,” as in the title of this article from a Phoenix FOX affiliate, embodies exactly what we think is wrong with this culture, that sexuality could be treated so casually that one can have an “oops”.

As for the article itself, it concerns some selfish materialistic family with the ironic name of Lent, and why they are turning to “permanent contraception” so they can afford to send their four children to expensive private colleges.

Getting Candy from your pieta

Last weekend, the girls were playing. Gianna said something like, “Allie, here’s the candy from your pieta.”

As it happened, the pieta had just flashed on the religious pictures screen saver on our desktop, so we were a bit puzzled.

Mary asked, “Where did you learn the word pieta?”

Gianna said, “You know, when we had one a couple years ago.”

“What do you mean?” I asked

Gianna said, “You know, the thing that you hit, and the candy comes out of it?”

“Oh!” I said. “You mean a piñata! A pieta is a statue of Mary holding Jesus after he died. A ñ is a thing you hit and candy comes out.”

Gianna: “OK.”

I Told You So: Hate Speech Bill Passes Judiciary Committee

Tyrosine supplements may help ADHD

Commonweal writer believes that the ends justify the means

Commonweal columnist and Fordham professor Margaret O’Brien Steinfels has reprinted, verbatim, a letter from one Dennis O’Brien (any relation?) to Cardinal George, comparing Cardinal George to Polish anti-Semites before World War II, and implying that pro-lifers are racists.

“One may be opposed in general to abortion – I am, I believe that President Obama is also – and yet have compassion in specific cases. Something that Abp. Sobrinho of Brazil evidently did not have in the recent case of the nine year old raped by her stepfather”
How can you have compassion for murder?
Would Mr. O’Brien suggest compassion for the soldiers and CIA operatives who are engaging in torture?

“One may disagree about stem cell research but at least credit the motive of the research to cure intractable suffering. “
The ends do not justify the means. Why not credit the Bush Administration’s motive of wanting to prevent terrorism by engaging in torture?
What about compassion for those of us who want ethical cures?

Why doesn’t the Church issue some kind of condemnation of Commonweal? The magazine is nothing but satanic filth.