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Steven Colbert does _Knights of St. Michael_

The Anchoress was pretty impressed by a performance by Steven Colbert skewering some guy who purports to find contradictions in the Bible. I dunno. It strikes me as rather amateurish. He’s just doing the basic “interrupt and insult” technique that dominates television, and using the most basic approaches to apologetics. It reminds me of the hokey skits on EWTN’s Knights of St. Michael.

One key point, but I don’t think Colbert makes it capably at all, as Elizabeth Scalia puts it:

“Ehrman alsodoesn’t seem to understand (or perhaps he just doesn’t care)
that in both Mark and Luke’s gospels, Christ is clearly praying psalms while he
is on the cross. So whether it’s “my God, why have you forsaken me,” or “into
your hands I commend my spirit” – he’s praying psalms.”

Yes, and here’s nothing to say he didn’t say *both*, just as different news stories may quote different lines from a speech.

Though, in the context of satire, it’s an opportune point to mention that, when Jesus says, “Eloi, Eloi, . . . ” the people say, “he’s invoking Elijah.”

I’ve never understood what they mean. When I was a kid, I assumed it was a quotation of Elijah, but, of course, it’s a psalm.

It’s really a rather humorous comment for the evangelist to include: it is showing how genuinely stupid these people were. Jesus is praying/quoting the Psalm and taking it to Himself, and the crowd a) doesn’t recognize the Psalm and b) apparently doesn’t even recognize the Hebrew name of God. That’s how ignorant they are of their own Scriptures. So, not understanding what Jesus is saying, they comment, “Oh, he must be evoking Elijah.”

Duggars are grandparents "to be"

The Duggars, that wonderful example (in some ways, such as that they are debt-free and live–despite what their critics want to say–a fairly “green” lifestyle while having a ton of kids) of being a big family (bad example in that they’re a bit obsessive about it and that they use some rather controversial disciplinary practices) are now to be grandparents.

Their eldest son is married at 20, and he and his wife are now pregnant.

So, the usual comments from people who think that Modern Secular America is the height of human evolution, even though it’s showing every sign of being a society ready to collapse into anarchy:
1. They’re too young to be married.
2. They need to have “couple time” before having kids.
3. The Duggars are abusing their children by making their children do chores.
4. The Duggars show everything that is wrong with Christianity
5 . Those kids are a drain on society ,the environment, etc. (even though they are a mostly self-sufficient family living in a gigantic house).
6. The kids have to “suffer” from wearing hand-me downs and hand-made clothes (which would seem to contradict point 5 above).

And so forth.

I don’t agree with their disciplinary style, their refusal to breastfeed, or, of course, the fact that, like Mel Gibson’s soon-to-be ex-wife, they’re technically Protestant heretics.

But the attacks on the Duggars from the Left are absurd. All of the above complaints point to exactly what is so screwed up in our society. Kids should sit around playing video games, not do chores (and then we lament childhood obesity). People need time to “discover themselves” before they get married, and time to “be a couple” before they have kids (so they can become totally selfish and materialistic, then get divorced over “irreconcilable differences”). Kids need to have brand-new clothes in the latest fashions (and then we’ll complain about credit card debt and wasted environmental resources).

Deacon Dana discusses the Signs of the Times

Particularly how far Europe has fallen from the days of Christendom: where people don’t even know what Easter and Good Friday are all about anymore.

Meanwhile, Christoph Cardinal Schonborn has strongly condemned those bishops, priests and theologians who dissent against Humanae Vitae. Trying to get back some street cred after he criticized the Pope?

Commenting on the question of whether the Vatican will accept an Obama ambassador who is “pro-choice,” Deacon Dana offers the following insight:

“Personally, I think the problem is that the President and his staff don’t know any pro life Catholics. It will be interesting to see who the rock star eventually appoints.

As our tiny earth makes its way through a vast universe, far too many of its inhabitants seem to believe that they actually run the world. Far too many think that they, and not God, are in control of the destiny of the human race. Let’s pray that they all come to accept Christ the King, the only ruler of our world.”

St. Teresa of Avila on excusing ourselves

A former pastor of mine liked to preach on the theme that “we’re only human.”

Here’s what St. Teresa de Jesus had to say about that:

“God deliver us, Sisters, when we do something imperfect, from saying, ‘We’re not angels, we’re not saints.’ Consider that even though we’re not, it is a great good to think that if we try we can become saints with God’s help. . . . Since we have not come here for any other thing, let us put our hands to the task” (Way of Perfection, Ch. 16, para. 12).

Mel Gibson’s wife files for divorce

I’ve seen this one coming for a long time. Just goes to show you: mixed marriages don’t work, especially if one spouse is a traditional Catholic. I mean, how many interviews have I heart him say, “I love my wife, but the objective fact is she’s going to Hell.” . . .

Adult stem cells can be converted to embryonic stem cells

Researchers at University of California San Francisco have found a way of turning adult stem cells into embryonic stem cells. And, since these would allow them to use the patient’s own stem cells, it would take away the cancer causing effects of unethical embryonic stem cells.

Study: Warfarin can cause brain bleeds

I thought that was a known side-effect.