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There you have it, folks!

Planned Parenthood lets it all out: they want to see all pro-life Christians killed and humiliated. Faced with the reality that contraceptives don’t prevent STDs, they’d rather just kill the messenger.
The atrocious video, on Planned Parenthood Golden Gate’s website, speaks volumes about the true nature and hypocrisy of Planned Parenthood–which after advocating the killing of Christians, preaches its support of all people, regardless of “creed” or “religion” (they’re different?)



What’s the big surprise about Frist?

These are just two examples of stories that have come out in the pro-life media the past few days regarding Frist’s alleged “break with the President” or “flip flop” on embryonic stem cell research.
This is news why?
Months ago, when I started this little apostolate, I started off by writing to and e-mailing every “pro-life” leader I could think of, including several elected officials, both presenting my view and offering my service as a voice against ESCR, to counter the Michael J. Foxes of the world.
Well, guess what? I received few responses from elected people in DC. Rep. Joanne Davis’s office said they’d set up a meeting for me to talk with her next time she came to Fredericksburg, but I never heard back from them.
The only real response I got was a very “nice” letter from Sen. Frist. He or his staff had obviously read my letter, because it addressed particular issues I had raised. It was no form letter.
It was also highly insulting and condescending. He said, basically, “I’m a medical doctor, and I know more about this than you do.”
The Bush position is that the government should not pay for ESCR, but it’s OK to do it in the private sector.
The Lewis Crusade position is that the government must totally ban this barbaric practice.
The Frist position is that there should be no limits on ESCR, and that government funding should be UNLIMITED. This is what he wrote to me back in December of 2004. Why is it suddenly news?
(As for the letter, I’ll have to beg apologies for allowing my anger to get the better of me. I ought to have had the letter publicized, but it made me so furious that I destroyed it).