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What to do about the Kisslings and Kerrys and Pelosis of the World

I have always maintained that Catholic politicians who support legalized abortion are committing fraud. They claim that their Oath of Office prevents them from upholding the teachings 0f the Church in office (it certainly does not, especially when those teachings are part of Natural Law).

However, they have sworn a much more fundamental Oath, a much more sacred Oath, to reject Satan and all his works, yet supporting legalized abortion violates that oath.

Meanwhile, they use their Catholicism to get votes when it’s convenience (e.g., Pelosi calling herself a “Catholic grandmother”).

They’re complete frauds, and they should be sued for fraud.


Bill could allow for discrimination against couples who don’t abort "defective" babies

Right now, I’m just linking the story from LifeNews. I need more details before I’ll comment.

A Letter to Mike Perry, Texas Governor (or should I say Dictator?)

As a pro-life Catholic, I have often thought Texas would be a great state to live in someday, but thanks to your recent order, that has changed 100%.

You claim to be pro-life, and to oppose embryonic stem cell research, yet you endorse, and now order the use of vaccines that are derived from fetal tissue research. You claim that this cervical cancer vaccine is acceptable because it is just like the polio vaccine, yet the polio vaccine is also immoral, as attested by the document the Pontifical Academy for Life issued in July 2005.

One can never profit from evil. In his great encyclical _Mater et Magistra_, Bl. John XXIII warned the world against economic progress at the expense of morality, referring to contraception.

Secondly, it is immortal to engage in medical intervention when natural alternatives are available. The integrity of the body must always come first. It is ludicrous to waste money vaccinating against sexually transmitted diseases, which are preventable merely by people practicing monogamy. This move merely endorses and encourages the rampant fornication and adultery that are tearing apart the fabric of our society.

Lastly, parents are the primary educators of their children, and your move has been a horrible violation of parental rights. You have violated the rights of their parents to make decisions about their children’s moral and medical welfare. Obviousy, the State abrogated those rights a long time ago, but one would expect a Republican, especially a Republican from Texas, to work towards restoring rather than further eroding those rights.

I am not a citizen of Texas, but my heart goes out to all my fellow Christians in your state who will now be forced by your decision to violate their consciences and support the immoral, inhuman vaccines created by Merck Biomedical. Merck has made billions off the lives of aborted babies, and you’ve just put millions of dollars of blood money in that company’s pockets.