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Feast of St. Gianna!

Today is the feast of St. Gianna Beretta Molla. Sadly, I somehow didn’t realize this fact until about 5 PM. Was planning on attending 6 PM Tuesday mass, as we usually try to do, but Mary has a meeting, and it was too difficult to get the kids together by myself.

But we’ll do an hour of prayer to make up for it.

St. Gianna Beretta Molla, pray for us!
Happy feast day, Gianna Teresa.
Appropriately, tomorrow is St. Catherine of Siena, so we have two family feasts in a row.

The Specter Gets Honest

Arlen Specter has announced he is joining the Democratic Party (h/t to Todd M. Aglialoro ).

Hopefully, this means that Pat Toomey will be given a fair shot in the next election. It is important to remember that the late, great Gov. Robert Casey lost several attempts at Harrisburg before he finally won. Maybe second time will be a charm for would-be Sen. Toomey, especially as his first loss won him national recognition and underdog support from the pro-life movement (and cost Rick Santorum re-election).

The Epitome of Cowardice: cancelling Masses for fear of epidemic

They should be having *more* masses to pray for God’s mercy on this depraved world.

And what better place to contract a fatal illness, provided one is in a state of grace?

Usual Drivel from RH Reality Check

Guy calls Sebelius a “centrist” and says opposition to her nomination says more about “far right extremists” than about her. He also suggests we should have a “position” on swine flu.

How does one have a position on a virus?

Anyway, I commented in the comments section.
Knowing how open liberals are to having opposing viewpoints expressed on their blogs, here’s what I said (in case it’s deleted):

1. I have no position on swine flu. It’s a virus. It’s not an issue. There is nothing government can do about viruses, *nothing*. They give us “flu medicines” to treat the symptoms but not the viruses, killing our immune systems, so we can show up for work like good little slaves. They give us “vaccinations” made from dead babies’ bodies so we can “prevent” viruses, only leading to the viruses mutating to worse and worse forms. Every time a new virus presents itself, the media tell us it’s going to be a pandemic, to scare us into giving further power to the federal Nanny State, yet, each time, no pandemic materializes. The best ways to prevent infection are and always have been soap and water, proper sewage systems, and basic nutrition. This is why swine flu, bird flu, eboli and every other paranoia virus have been worse in other countries.

2. Sebelius is not a “centrist”; she is a liar and a fraud. She claims to be a Catholic (although her bishop excommunicated her, so she isn’t). She stands up once a year and swears an oath to God to reject the World and all its empty promises, Satan and all his works. She supposedly hears the Gospel, in which Christ asks, “What is the point of gaining the world at the cost of your soul?”

Then she goes to her job in “the world,” selling out the most basic principles of the Natural Law for worldly power.

Why would you trust someone who lies to God to be honest to you?

She is a pro-abortionist. She supports the cold-blooded murder of innocent little babies. She supports taking those babies’ bodies and using them for frankenstein medical reserach. Then that research is used to develop “treatments” like the aforementioned vaccinations, and those of us who have morals are told we’re evil for refusing to participate in such barbarism.

She is pro-contraception. The Catholic Church has consistently taught, since John XXIII’s _Mater et Magistra_, that contraception is the single worst evil facing the world today. It is the cause of our worldlwide economic crisis (reduction in workforce means reduction in economy). It is the cause of the rampant promiscuity, divorce and homosexuality in our culture (sex divorced from its procreative and unitive purposes).

The Natural Law does not depend upon majority opinion. It is what it is. You mess with it, and Nature itself rebels. Every culture but our own has understood this principle.

St. Teresa of Avila on positive friendships

St. Teresa de Jesus says that it is good to pursue friendships with those who are more spiritually advanced.

“Love such persons as much as you like. They must be few, but the Lord does desire that ti be known when someone has reached perfection. You will be immediately told that speaking with him is unnecessary, that it is enough to have God. But a good means to having God is to speak with His friends, for one always gains very much from this” (Way of Perfection, Ch. 7, para. 4).