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What *should* a graduation speaker at a Catholic college be like?

I propose that the Holy Father bring Cardinal Arinze out of retirement and make him the Mandatory Graduation Speaker at all Catholic institutions of higher education.

Having been accused of wanting a “Bob Jones University,” and having been challenged on my support for Cardinal Arinze’s Georgetown speech , I’ve gotten to thinking about who the ideal graduation speaker at a Catholic school would be.

Fr. John Corapi, SOLT, would make a *fantastic* graduation speaker.

RADIX would be good, too.

If you want to be slightly liberal, you could have Fr. Groeschel.

Several years ago, I heard a guest on EWTN–I think it was before Mother Angelica retired, but when Fr. Pacwa or someone was subbing for her. This lady started a multimillion dollar a year, non-government funded, charity for the homeless.

She already had 7+ kids (forget exactly what number, but thikn it was closer to 12), and they were living in a very small house. She ran her house like a tight ship, and one day her husband suggested she needed to do more for God.

Most people would have slapped the guy upside the head.

Instead, she went out and started a soup kitchen. She ran the whole operation on Providence, and has been hugely successful.

I don’t remember her name, but *she* would make a good graduation speaker.

A graduation speaker should talk about “what you do next,” or “how my success should be an example to you.”

By inviting presidents at all, Notre Dame is saying that worldly ambitoin is something to emulate. They are setting the presidency of the United States as the standard for what they consider success.

That lady with her soup kitchen would be a much better example of success.

Fr. Corapi would be a much better example of both the emptiness of worldly success and what should really matter to Catholics.

Would Notre Dame have ever invited Mother Angelica??

I doubt it.

But unless a US president is a Catholic with 10 kids who has managed to get elected by living a completely virtuous life, without ever compromising his faith, *or* unless he has some profound conversion story to tell about how he’s making up for the things he did in his early life, then I really don’t see what a president has to tell our Catholic youth.

Now *THIS* is how you deal with a Crisis!

The United States could stand to learn a lesson from Mexico.

Mexico City had a solemn procession to pray for an end to the swine flu.

That is how Christians respond to a crisis. Not, “our country was just bombed. Go to work tomorrow.” Not “We’re going to go over there and nuke ’em.” Not, “we’re going to beat suspects senseless for fear of another attack.” Not “We won’t win this by turning the other cheek.” Not “Let’s give the government more control over our lives.”

But “Let’s all get together in the streets and process and pray!”

There are many on the Catholic Left who try to say that praying at abortion clinics is merely a sign of political protest, who imply thereby that they see prayer as such as ineffective.

Is this a political protest? How does one politically protest against a virus? (nevermind: I forgot that liberals think that their false god, politics, solves everything, and that the first reaction aganist a virus is political protest)

Anyway, let’s hear it for the people of Mexico City. Prayers that their procession will be successful!

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!

(Also, interesting that one of the first cases of swine flu in the US is a Notre Dame student)

Another problem with Americans and liberal Catholics: they have no concept of Divine Justice

Liberal Catholics sure hate Deal Hudson

Is it because Mother Angelica’s retired?

I mean, go to any of the major or fairly significant liberal sites, and it’s “Deal Hudson this” and “Deal Hudson that”. I see conservatives quote John Allen, Jr., all the time, and they do so often quite favorably.

Often, their paranoid spectre of “Deal Hudson” is raised even when Deal Hudson had nothing to do with it.

Heck, they don’t even talk about Fr. Pavone!

For example, when Deal Hudson used Sam Brownback’s name in a financial letter, which elicited a negative response from Brownback (big surprise there, sell-out).

Then, when Fr. Euteneuer called Brownback a “traitor,” the typical liberals said it was the “politicla pro-lifers” and accused Deal Hudson of turning on Brownback, when Deal Hudson actually turned on Fr. Euteneuer in favor of Deal Hudson.

I sometimes wonder if these people even know who Judie Brown and Fr. Thomas Euteneuer are. It’s like they don’t exist. Every time HLI or ALL does something–and both organizations are equally and consistently critical of both parties–the liberals, who claim to “transcend” party politics, go after “the political pro-lifers”, embodied in the spectre of “Deal Hudson.”

To hear liberal Catholics today, the “pro-life movement” is Deal Hudson and Randall Terry.

There’s an episode of Murphy Brown when Avery is a baby, and Murphy says something about “Did you see Pat Buchanan under your bed?”

It’s like liberal Catholic parents tell their kids, “Be careful, or Deal Hudson’s gonna get you!”
I mean, does the guy have that much power and influence???

Why do they hate him so passionately?

More importantly, why do they hate him, yet completely ignore/dismiss the real leaders of the pro-life movement?

Ranjith being "exiled"?

Rorate Caeli reports that the rather outspoken Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith is being appointed archbishop of Colombo in his native Sri Lanka.

Upside: he will probably also be created cardinal.

Downside: he was previously “exiled” from a post at CDF, where he was also very outspoken. The original report, by one Andrea Tornielli, suggests that Ranjith will be replacd by an English-speaking prelate who can “pacify the liturgical battlefield.”

Is the “reform of the Reform” over before it’s begun?

Is Ranjith a scapegoat?

Are we doomed to the perpetuation of Communion in hand, pro populum posture and guitars at Mass? Is Pope Benedict really changing courses in the face of Vatican pressure?

Or is this just wishful thinking by the Italian media and the liberal aspects of the Curia?

We already know the new Prefect of CDW supports the Holy Father’s positions on liturgical reform.

We were told a couple months ago that the Holy Father was going to be doing some “shake ups,” but the question was where. So far, the only “shake ups” have been reassignments of people who turned on him, like Lombardi.

Funny post by Fr. Trigilio

Speaking as a Far-Right Extremist, please stop calling me a "Far-Right Extremist"

I am sick and tired of liberals calling themselves “moderate” and labelling everyone who has a different view a “far Right Extremist.” They’ve been doing this since at least the early Clinton years.

I mean, we have a man who, while running for president, said our Constitution is a fundamentally flawed document, then got elected and swore an oath to uphold it. He’s not an “extremist”?
I hold certain positions that are certainly on the “far right” side of the American political spectrum, especially if Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul, the guys who actually say what conservatism used to mean, are considered “far Right”.

But it infuriates me when people are called “far Right Extremists” just for expressing conservative views.

On Sunday, we watched part of _Song of Bernadette_ on Netflix. There’s this scene where the police inspector is asking for St. Bernadette’s “testimony.”

He insists she answer accurately, and he will record her answers.

Cop: “What did the woman look like?”
Bernadette: “She was wearing a white dress with a blue girdle. . . .”
Cop: “Did she look like one of the statues at church?”
Bernadette: “No, not at all! She didn’t look anything like the statues. And she moved around, and she talked. . . .”
So, the cop says he’s going to read back her statement.
“Bernadette Soubirous says that the woman wore a blue dress with a white girdle.”
Bernadette: “No! It was a white dress with a blue girdle!”
Cop: “So you’re contradicting yourself!”
Bernadette: “No. That’s what I said all along! You wrote it down wrong!”
Cop (continues): “Bernadette said the statue looked exactly like one of the statues in church. . . .”

"I’m Not Pro-Abortion"

We’ve heard the antiphon: “I’m not pro-abortion; I’m pro-choice.” Most recently, Francis Cardinal George, OMI, said that that was one of the things Barack Obama said at their recent meeting.

Mr. President, if a politician said to you, “I’m not pro-segregation,” and then voted to fund organizations that engaged in segregation, what would you say?
If a politiciain in the 1840s said, “I’m not pro-slavery,” and then voted to give special tax incentives to plantation owners who held slaves, what would you say?

Cardinal George emphasized that the President wants everyone to think he’s on their side. He desperately wants pro-lifers to *think* he’s pro-life. Cardinal George suggested that there’s a chance Obama is trying to pay some political debts, and tried to see some good will to Obama’s assurances that “the course will change,” but he said that he’s far less hopeful of that than he was when Obama started.