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Biased survey about "unwanted" pregnancies: Does it show "Pro-Life shift" or "Less Action to Abortions"?

We’ve all heard it before: Pro-aborts are “pro-child,” because they want “every child to be a wanted child.” Now catch this survey. The survey asks women, “Right before you became pregnant, did you want to have a child in the near future?”

Nevermind that it should have followed up with, “Then why’d you have sex?” . . .

I’m sure if you asked a lot of pro-life, non-contracepting women that question, they would answer , “No.”
That does not make the child they had “unwanted.” It makes the child “unplanned.” There’s a difference. And there are people who believe a child should never be planned.

So the article discusses how pro-lifers are claiming a cultural victory, whereas pro-aborts are claiming it’s a defeat, because “these people really wanted to have abortions, but didn’t have accses.”

I’d call it a victory for the pro-aborts, since they’re the ones who preach this “wanted” garbage to begin with.

The only thing it takes for a child to be “wanted” is an act of the will, but pro-aborts, being materialistic determinists, think that acts of will are impossible.

It seems to me that being loved is far more important than being wanted. And love is impeded by an individual’s focus on his or her wants. But, again, to the pro-abortion mindset, “want” and “love” are synonymous.