Monthly Archives: March 2007

A brief update, and conservative hypocrites

Due to a move and my graduate studies, I haven’t had time to really update this blog the past few months, despite a few very interesting stories that passed by. But tonight I wanted to post on two similar observations.

Tonight on his Headline News program, Glenn Beck, an apostate Catholic who is now a Mormon, talked about the issue of conscientious objection. It seems some Muslims in America are startign to stand up for their religious liberty in regards to the purity laws: Muslim grocery clerks refusing to handle pork products, for example. Beck rightly compared this to the issue of pharmacists conscientiously objecting to abortion pills, and rightly outed any liberals who support these Muslims as hypocrites (as most liberals are about most issues; consider the recent controversies about Al Gore’s opulent and ecologically wasteful lifestyle).

However, Beck went on to insist that Americans have no right to bring their religious views into the public sphere, including the workplace (this coming from a guy who mentioned his Mormon beliefs in a couple segments of his show).

Next, I learned tonight about the controversy surrounding Sean Hannity’s support of contraception, and his related fight against HLI’s Fr. Euteneuer. This really doesn’t surprise me, as I’ve heard Hannity brag in the past about his dissent on “certain teachings,” mentioning the death penalty or certain war-related issues, and I always figured that included contraception. Hannity long ago turned me off with his penchant for violence and his total disdain for education (Hannity seems to think that anyone who has a college degree, and puts any importance on that degree, is automatically a Liberal Enemy).

Meanwhile, I’ve recently moved back to South Carolina, where they are apparently unaware of the existence of left turn arrows, or the idea of having the light turn green for only one lane at a time (both of which are commonplace in Virginia).

Therefore, next chance I get, I’m running for City Council.

My campaign slogan will be “The only Republican who wants to make it easier to go left.”