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Catholic MP3 Bible: Douay-Rheims

I found this Podcast of the Douay-Rheims Bible in MP3 format. Downside is the fellow only got to Exodus 20, but I just downloaded all of Genesis.

Blessings and Struggles

I haven’t posted much lately. Life has been very turbulent and stressful this past month, but God has been blessing us.

We are switching parishes. At first, it was because my dad was going to be the new organist there, but several events conspired to make him decide to decline the new job and retire.
But the upshot was that we decided to check out a parish kind of on the outskirts of our area.

The big thing it’s the only parish in the Columbia metropolitan area that has CCD on Sunday mornings, and also has K4 CCD. So initially, when Mom & Dad joined, they added Allie and Gigi to their registration as grandkids. So we enrolled them in CCD, and then, after much deliberation, we decided to just enroll as parishioners (haven’t officially done it yet). It’s a bit of a struggle, especially for me, to get up early on Sunday, but at least we’re getting to Mass and CCD. Also, one of the main reasons we have never had a tradition of going to morning Mass on Sunday is parking: at most parishes, it is impossible to find a spot for Sunday morning Mass. To get a spot, you have to get there early, which means extra time trying to keep the kids in line.

Well, here, they have a big parking space, and there’s usually a handicapped spot: especially if you arrive just after the first mass and just before CCD 😉

Either way, we just want to find a parish to settle in, and try to do what we did for a while in Sumter: Mary gets enrolled as an EMC so that I can have communion when I’m too weak to go to Mass. (The sad fact of my life is that SUnday is the day of rest, and, since it’s the day I *allow* myself to rest, my body quits completely).

Financially, God has blessed us this past couple months, and so, in conjunction with the downturn in my health, we’re looking at moving yet again: trying to find a single-story, accessible home in our size and price range. Several options are presenting themselves. We’re jsut trying to get everything together. Ironically, we may end up buying a house close to the parish we’re “leaving,” so we’ll have to switch again.

Other big news: I got my wheelchair yesterday! My electric wheelchair! After waiting, doing paperwork, going through various approval stages since January (and dreaming of it since sometime in high school), I finally have an electric wheelchair. Plus, I was able to order the parts to repair my scooter, defunct since January (which motivated me to apply for the electric wheelchair). I’m having an outside-the-trunk rack & ramp (EZ Carrier) installed on the van Tuesday. ALready it’s made a huge change.
It arrived yesterday morning. After the evaluation session with the fellow who delivered it, I took it for a test run. The house wasn’t quite ready (we’re gonna have to move some furniture significantly to make it work), but I tried out different paths around our townhouse to see how I could get it up and down the hill. I took Alfie for several walks around the neighborhood, at top speed, giving him quite an exhilerating workout.

Then I went with Alfie and all four kids around the neighborhood. That was fun. Afterwards, I reclined the chair to enjoy the nice fall afternoon while holding Clara and letting the other three play outside. Until the mosquitos descended. You’d think after the first couple cold snaps (by South Carolina standards) and an early 70s afternoon, there’d be no mosquitos.

Got the last couple parts I needed to repair the scooter, and had that fixed and charged by midnight last night, so I now have two working mobility devices.

Apropos to the Lewis Crusade, a friend of a friend organized a Rachel’s Vineyard Mass in town this morning, so we went to that and prayed for Little Lew.

But amidst all these blessings has been a lot of stress. Mary’s new FT from home job is very demanding. Allie’s HS program is demanding. My jobs are demanding. The two preschoolers and one year old are demanding.

We’ve all been very stressed out.


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Catholic MP3 Bible: Douay-Rheims

I found this Podcast of the Douay-Rheims Bible in MP3 format. Downside is the fellow only got to Exodus 20, but I just downloaded all of Genesis.