Going to Jerusalem

I wrote this 3 years ago, based on St. Luke’s Gospel.

St. Luke's Gospel on the ten lepers

I went to Confession and Mass again, praise God, as the accuser has been strong. Today’s the Feast of All Carmelite Saints as well. This was the Gospel. As I said last year, I was struck by the fact that Jesus was A. Going to Jerusalem (Heaven). B. Told them to go show themselves to the priests to be healed. C. They were healed “as they were going” to the priests. Only one of them immediately realized AND then acknowledged aloud in a spirit of humility and repentance that he had been healed both physically and spiritually by God, by Jesus, the High Priest, and thus, in his act of faith, he had been both saved from the leprosy and saved from his sins. (No one can see the Face of God and live.) The former leper had received an apocalypse, an unveiling, a revelation of Jesus as both God and Man. But, so did the other 9! He was the only one who chose to acknowledge Him aloud. Therefore, he falls to his feet, thanking him and glorifying Him. It had never dawned on me until yesterday that the Priest He had enabled them to acknowledge was Him. Whenever He heals, He heals not only the physical sickness (that came with the original sin and the Fall), but He also heals the sight, restoring the eyes of faith if we do not harden our hearts and gives us recognition of His Divinity and Omnipotence, the unveiling, the Apocalypse, so we can choose to repent and worship Him.


2 responses to “Going to Jerusalem

  1. Grace Horvath


    I saw found your link pinoyexchange.com, but when clicked on it, it was already removed. I would like to ask you more about Fr. Bing Arellano because I think he has completely brainwashed my parents. If you could help me, that would be much appreciated. This is the link:

    This one is from a CATHOLIC BLOG written by a non-Filipino.


    “Last week, we went to a “retreat” in Atlanta. It was a conference given by this weird priest, Fr. Bing Arellano (more on that later). The content of the conference was mostly crazy conspiracy theories, and was actually more hurtful than helpful. In fact, his talk I attended on Saturday morning nearly had me in complete despair.”

    This priest is really weird that even devoted Catholics shun him.

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