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Do we have the courage to stand up against contraception?

A friend of mine, Dan Rogers, wrote the following e-mail in response to this CNN story:

Hi All,

While I never doubted there was heavy opposition to the Church’s unwavering stance against contraception, the article below goes to show how mobilized those who are against this truth will go to have their side heard.

The question for all of us, then, is how mobilized are we to stand up and speak the truth we have been given? It calls to mind the parable in Luke’s gospel about the dishonest steward when Jesus points out that the “sons of this world” are shrewder in dealing with worldly assets than are “sons of light” as he calls his followers (16:8).

I’ll turn to the Navarre Bible study for more enlightnement here:

“Of course, our Lord presumes that we realize the immorality of the man’s behavior. What he emphasizes and praises, however, is his shrewdness and effort: he tries to derive maximum material advantage from his former position as steward. In saving our soul and spreading the Kingdom of God, our Lord wants us to apply at least the same ingenuity and effort as people put into their worldly affairs or their attempts to attain some human ideal. The fact that we can count on God’s grace does not in any way exempt us from the need to employ all available legitimate human resources even if that means strenuous effort and heroic sacrifice.”

And I’ll end with a quote from St. Josemaria Escriva: “What zeal people put into their earthly affairs… When you and I put the same zeal into the affairs of our souls, we will have a living and working faith. And there will be no obstacle that we cannot overcome in our apostolic works.” (St. J. Escriva`, The Way).

Cardinal George says Notre Dame is an "extreme embarrassment" to the Church

Meanwhile, Notre Dame professor emeritus and famed Natural Law scholar Charles Rice calls on those who want to protest to avoid political protest and opt instead for a rosary at the Grotto, and calls for Fr. Jenkins’ resignation.

Fr. Hugh Cleary, CSC, Superior General of the Congregation of the Holy Cross, has written to President Obama directly, saying he has no authority over the university (but does have authority over its priests) and that he does not support the invitation.