Daily Archives: April 24, 2009

What was the point of liberation?

I don’t understand Ireland. For 400+ years, the Irish fight for liberation from England, and then they turn around and sacrifice their sovereignty to the “European Union.” Now, 3 Irish women are suing their government in the EU court, saying that Ireland’s laws against abortion violate the EU Charter.

"Skunk at the Earth Day Party"

“Environmentalism is devolving into an increasingly anti-human movement that could end up costing the human race dearly.”

In this column about the anti-human attitudes of the Environmentalist Movement (I’ve always preferred to distinguish conservationism–which emphasizes management of resources–from environmentalism–which emphasizes concern for the environment as an end in itself), Wesley J. Smith mentions a new movie by M. Night Shyamalan, the Catholic-educated Hindu director whose movies usually have noteworthy Catholic themes. His latest venture is The Happening, about a rebellion against humans by plants.

You have to ask the pharmacist to get your kid some cough medicine, but, if you want to off your grandkid, it’s OTC.