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Invitation to Abortionists Day

Fr. Pavone preached on EWTN this morning, and talked about how tomorrow, March 10, is “Abortionist Appreciation Day.” So the pro-lifers have declared March 9, “Invitation to Abortionists Day.”

Today, please pray for the conversions of abortionists and clinic workers. And if you happen to have any personal contact with them, please invite them to repent and experience Christ’s love.


Talk about Doublespeak!

The Connecticut Legistlature is trying to trample over the First Amendment Rights of Catholic hospitals by forcing them to provide “emergency contraception.” So a state victim’s rights advocate, James Papillo, who is also a Permanent Deacon, took them to task for it. Now, the Lt. Gov. has hypocritically accused *Sullivan* of violating the First Amendment. . . . . Bah!

Anyway, discussion of this brought up a good idea. . . .
Increasingly, the Communists at the ACLU and the pro-aborts have been trying to undermine the First Amendment by forcing pharmacists, doctors and hospitals to violate their consciences on contraception, abortifacient drugs and surgical abortion.

They claim that they are trying to protect women’s health, right?

So why not turn the tables on them. If they’re so concerneda about women’s health, why not propose legislation that would force OB/Gyns and General Practitioners to learn and teach Natural Family Planning.

The Left and the Medical Establishment persist in the myth that “NFP doesn’t work” (whatever “work” means), but they ignore the fact that NFP is at least as “effective” as artificial contraception.

Now, it should be noted that the whole concept of *assuming* a couple must avoid procreation is abhorrent to me, and to Catholic teaching. Intentionally using NFP as birth control without serious reason (more money to buy HDTVs is not serious reason) is no different than using artificial birth control. I’m also the first to admit that NFP is not perfect. So I’m never a big one for CCLI’s “party line.”

However, the imperfections of NFP as a system tie in directly to the fact that it requires love and sacrifice, just like child-rearing, so for selfish people the choice is “six one way; half dozen the other,” as my wife likes to say.

But there are also those of us who are genuinely sincere about NFP, but just have no idea what we’re doing. The books all say it’s most effective when practiced under the guidance of a physician. After all, you need help figuring out what a cervix is or distinguishing cervical mucous from other bodily fluids.

Go to the physicians, even the “pro-life” ones, and they say it’s just a bunch of unscientific voodoo. Yet even the Chinese Government accepts the Billings Method as an “acceptable” form of contraception under its population control policies.

And there are no side-effects.

So, in our case, we have a “fundamental right to choose” NFP. We have an overt constitutional right to practice our religion, which forbids artificial contraception.
According to the logic of the Communists, doctors should be forced to support those fundamental rights by providing us with that medical service.