Apparently, she’s never heard of Bill Gates or Warren Buffett

I haven’t read the article beyond the snippet on my blog roll. Usually I do, but my blood pressure can only handle so much of the hate and invective on Reproductive Health Reality Check.

But this writer is wishing she had a billion dollars to “improve access” to birth control in third world countries. Apparently, she’s never heard of Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, who, individually or combined, have probably spent at least that much, because it’s their main “charitable cause.”

Then let’s add the tons of money the UN and the US specifically pour into “population control.”

Human Life International has done numerous exposes of the amount of money the International Planned Parenthood Federation spends on bribing medical professionals, media personalities and politicians in third world nations to advance its agenda.

They really can’t think of a *better* way to spend those billions, like maybe actually providing food or education or alternative energy???

It’s like the “bail-out.” “Families are in debt. Small businesses are going out of business. But we’ll give trillions of dollars to the corporations that caused this mess.” Even the few “trickle down” measures, like the $8000 construction credit, really just serve as welfare to the building corporations that over-built to begin with.

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