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Australia follows the President of the World in allowing funding of foreign abortions

Apparently, Caesar Obama really is the “President of the World.” Now, foreign countries are adopting his policies.

Your Tax Dollars will Fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research

His Imperial Majesty, the One who has been elected with such a majority of both the popular vote and electoral college, and Whose Party has such a majority that opposing him is to deny the Will of the American People(too bad people didn’t have that attitude about Reagan in ’84 or Bush in ’04), has now signed an executive order allowing federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.

As I know with absolute certainty that embryonic stem cell research will not work, this outrages me more in that it is a federal boondoggle than anything else.

Of course, i said in 2001 that if George W. Bush were any kind of conservative, he would have denied the funding not on moral grounds, but on conservative principles of limited federal government.

London to Prosecute Christian and Muslim Parents

London School officials are threatening criminal charges against Christian and Muslim parents who would not allow their children to attend a week of Gay Rights Indoctrination at the George Tomlinson Primary School.

Serrin Foster Speaks at Harvard

Serrin Foster, president of Feminists for Life, gave a talk at Harvard Law in which she asserted that it was Bernard Nathanson and Larry Lader, founders of NARAL, who started the “pro-choice” movement, not Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem (who founded the National Organization for Women/NOW). “She argued that Bernard Nathanson and Larry Lader convinced Friedan and Steinmen to take up their pro-choice cause.”
According to Harvard’s student newspaper however, those who attended the lecture were more interested in whether Foster is really a “feminist” than in what she actually had to say.

Karen A. Narefsky ’10, the co-president of Harvard Students for Choice, disagreed and said that Foster’s use of the word “feminist” was inappropriate.

When asked about the speech, she called the organization’s opinions “anti-woman” and “anti-feminist”.

Narefsky attended an event in the fall with a “Feminists for Life speaker” and said that she was dismayed by the comments.

“I felt that women were talked about as though they were children or objects and not as though they were active, thinking adults,” she said.

So, in other words, Narefsky is being taught nothing about argmentation Harvard, and only knows how to throw out ad hominems and platitudes.

It’s kind of ironic that Foster’s very *point* is that the pro-abortion movement treats women like objects–only, unlike Narefsky, Foster gives the evidence to back up her claims.

"Shake-up" at Vatican?

Margaret Cabaniss at Inside Catholic reports of a rumor that Pope Benedict XVI is considering shifting around some of the lower-level administrators at the Vatican, in the wake of recent scandals.

Of course, the idea that either the lifting of the Society of St. Pius X excommunications, or the nomination of Fr. Wagner as Bishop of Linz, was a bad idea in and of itself is stupid.

Fr. Wagner is just the kind of priest we need to be a bishop, and any bishop who thinks *otherwise* should be removed from his office.

Similarly, Williamson aside, the SSPX needs to be normalized.

I wonder if the rumor is only half-right. I should wonder if the Holy Father is not considering the removal of those who supported the SSPX or Father Wagner, but the removal of those who openly defied and criticized His Holiness.

Connecticut Legislature proposes, then tables, anti-Catholic law

Allegedly, on the behalf of some liberal laity who are outraged by an embezzlement scandal, two Connecticut legislatures who are homosexual and who have fought to legalize gay marriage have now proposed a law that would require the Catholic Church in the state of Connecticut to be run by lay boards of directors, both at the diocesan and parish level. Bishops would be stripped of all real authority.

Pope Benedict XVI Praises Francis Cardinal Arinze

Cardinal Arinze, retired Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, was the speaker for the Holy Father’s annual retreat last week, and B16 said that Arinze’s talks strengthened his priesthood.

The Holy Father stated that he has “admired and enjoyed this tangible experience” of Cardinal Arinze’s fifty years of priesthood, “in the light of which you helped us to strengthen our faith. You used the right words, words with real significance for our lives and for our behavior as priests,” he said.

Just to review, here’s what His Emminence has to say about pro-abortion politicians.

Speaker at Gregorian University Evolution Conference says What I’ve Always said

Namely, that the process of creation in Genesis looks strikingly similar to the process of evolution. For all the talk of “Intelligent Design” not being discussed at this “Vatican” conference, this stuff sure sounds like what most people consider “intelligent design”.

Levada calls Dawkins’ views "absurd"

William Cardinal Levada, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, has called the views of atheists like Richard Dawkins “absurd.” Namely, he says, there is nothing in the theory of evolution that specifically disproves the existence of God.

Women who conceive within a month of the pill are more likely to have premature and/or underweight babies

University of Ottowa researchers have found that women who conceive within a month of taking the Pill are more likely to have low birthweight or premature babies.

And women who take contraceptive “shots” are more likely than other women to become obese, say researchers at University of Texas.

Natural Law. Learn it.

Religion down in America

I’ve long said we have an overabundance of fake Catholics in this country, and people seem to be tiring of the lie. According to the American Religious Identification Study, almost twice as many Americans today say they identify with no religion as did 20 years ago.

Catholicism has gained 11 million adherents in the US (mostly through immigration), “but its share of the population fell by about a percentage point” since 1990.

More significant is that Mainline Protestant denominations are hemorraging members.