Daily Archives: March 9, 2009

"Overpopulation! Overpopulation!"

We are constantly told of how sad it is that people are dying of starvation in Third World nations–it is.
We are also told of how this is due to “overpopulation.”
According to an article on Yahoo! Green, however, Americans throw away 25% of the food they purchase.

When Grandma and your elementary school teacher said, “Think of the starving children in Ethiopia,” they had a point.
However, my usual response to that comment also applies: “Why do you serve us kids more food than we can eat? Give them the food.”

Charter Schools: taking God out of Catholic education, one school at a time.

Traditional Latin Mass Readings: Second Sunday in Lent

Epistle: 1 Thess 4:1-17
No lust
Gospel: Matt 17:1-9

Obama to fund ESCR on Monday

Man drives over sidewalk counselor; victims wife talks man out of aborting his baby

Deal Hudson: "So Much for the ‘Mythical’ Freedom of Choice Act"

Since the election, the Left and the MSM have been painting pro-lifers as paranoid for our belief that Obama will fulfill his campaign promise of passing the Freedom of Choice Act, enshrining abortion as a fundamental right.

They’ve tried to say that FOCA is shelved legislation that might not even see committee discussion for months or years. Some have hoped that Obama might keep it in the backburner to avoid upsetting his “religious left” and “Obama Republican” supporters.

However, recent indications are that the Democrats plan to bring this legislation up in the near future.

Kinda cool: certain magnetic fields make metal form lifelike shapes and motion

Ca. 1984, Marvel published a comic book about a race of giant alient robots who, the origin story read, came from a planet where “life has evolved not through carbon bonding, but via ‘naturally-occurring gears, levers, and pulleys‘.”
Star Trek has done episodes about life evolving from silicon and microscopic robots. Now, scientists have found a way to generate movement and random, lifelike combinations from metal filings by putting them in certain electric fields. They think it will provide clues to the origins of life itself. Don’t know about that, but it would be cool if there really is a Cybertron somewhere, out there.

Charter Schools: taking God out of Catholic education, one school at a time.