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Gee! Pius XII saved Jews–big surprise!

Vatican Radio has announced the publication of a 1943 letter, documenting 23 Jews who were hidden in a Roman convent per the orders of Pius XII.

Some people really thought Obama’s "pro-life" supporters might work to change his mind, . . .

but, instead, they’re working to change the minds of other pro-lifers–and to usurp the authority of bishops, says activist lawyer Matt Bowman.

Latin American Pro-Lifers beg Obama not to force abortion on their countries

Marquette University seaks 650 couples for federally funded NFP study

The “Marquette Model” involves supplementing traditional NFP methods with a fertility monitor. The University has recently received a grant from Department of Health and Human Services (last chance for grants like that, I’d say) to test the effectiveness of its method.

It will divide the couples into two groups. One group will use mucus-only method, while the other group will use sympto-thermal, supplemented by the fertility monitor.

Not sure if I agree with their protocols, though. The whole appeal of the LH testing is that it avoids the meticulous symptom checking and charting of sympto-thermal. They should really do it the other way around.

In any case, it’s a cool study, and, if you qualify, you get a $200 fertility monitor kit for free. They are looking for “committed’ couples (the federal grant will not allow them to turn away couples woh are unmarried and otherwise eligible, but the couple *must* be monogamous) who are solidly commited to avoiding pregnancy. The woman must not have recently taken chemical contraceptives, but she must not be breastfeeding, either.

The Anchoress (aka Elizabeth Scalia) does a news round up of the "Signs of the Times"

Psychologist Asks whether Obama is a Narcissist

The real question is: what politician isn’t?

So much for technology preserving data

Following backwards on a chain of links from my last post, here is a piece on how many movies will be lost to the collective awareness because they are available on now-obsolete VHS, but they are not popular enough to support transition to digital.