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Anyone who thinks Bishop Martino isn’t "pastoral" needs to look up the definition

The latest from Bishop Joseph Martino of Scranton is that, in response to concerns that the St. Patrick’s Day Parade organizers might honor Scranton native and current Vice President Joseph Biden, Martino threatened to lock the Cathedral and cancel St. Patrick’s Day Mass if any pro-abortion politicians were honored. Biden’s mother and sister were given awards. Martino did not cancel the Mass.

Whatever the MSM and liberal Catholics in Scranton may say, I think St. Patrick would have approved of Martino’s move.

“Yet critics claim Martino, unlike his predecessor, is hardly pastoral and rarely seen.”
I am so sick of “pastoral” being used as a code word for “We want long haired, effeminate hippie pastors like the Lutheran guy in _Raising Helen_” (fantastic film, BTW). Liberals want New Age “sensitive” pastors, so they recruit homosexuals to be priests, then they get mad when the homosexuals act out their “sensitivity” on altar boys.

In any case, “pastor” means “shepherd,” and the shepherd’s job is to keep the sheep in line, not to make them feel good about themselves. A good shepherd keeps the sheep where they are, and brings back the strays, and he’s willing to break the legs of a stray to keep it from wandering off.

By that definition, Martino is just about the most pastoral bishop in the US right now.

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