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St. Teresa of Avila on Relationships

“It is certain that in having need of no one a person has many friends” (Way of Perfection, ch. 2, para. 6)

Here, St. Teresa de Jesus is saying that we have no real friends when our friendships are based upon our needs. When people feel like we’re always out for an angle, they soon lose interest in our friendship. When people know we are more willing to give than receive, then they want to be our friends.
Humorous observation: in one of the _VeggieTales_ episodes where the “letter” is from a student asking how she can get more friends at school, Larry the Cucumber suggests a big bag of candy. Bob the Tomato demurs, but I think, in a way, Larry’s on to something.

EWTN Groupie Picture Collection 3

This is a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the vestibule at the Monstery of Our Lady of the Angels in Irondale, AL.

NFP Only Doctor Teaches How to Eradicate STDs

Lester A. Ruppersberger, DO, is an OB-Gyn in Langhorne, PA, who has an NFP only practice and helps organize an NFP conference in Philadelphia every year.

“I often tease and say that I should get the Nobel Prize for medicine,” Dr. Ruppersberger said. “I have the cure for every sexually transmitted disease in the world. If we had one full generation that subscribed to chastity and abstinence, then in one generation people who have a disease now would die and the disease would die with them. In the next generation a virgin man marries a virgin woman and they don’t become unfaithful in their marriage. No one would get an STD.”

What exactly is the Age of Aquarius?

The idea of the “Age of Aquarius”–that the vernal equinox is passing from Pisces (the fish) into Aquarius after 2000 years–is the basis of the New Age Movement. The “Christian Age” is passing, and the “New Age” is beginning.

Then there’s the whole 2012 Mayan Calendar thing, and the whole, “We’ll have to redo the calendar to start counting years from Obama” thing.

So I wanted to double check some of the symbolism in all this. Jesus, after all, warns us to read the signs of the times.

Anyway, Aquarius is the “Water Bearer.” It is associated iwth Ganymede, the Cup-Bearer to the Gods, a prince of Troy with whom Zeus, in the form of an eagle, had a homosexual fling and promoted to the rank of divine cup-bearer to keep him handy.

What’s in a name?

The name “Obama,” interestingly enough, is “from the Luo ethnic group of southwestern Kenya,” and it means “bent.” “Barack” is Swahili for “blessed,” and “Hussein” is Arabic for “handsome.” So he’s “blessed,” “handsome” and “bent.”

Interestingly, in the sinless worlds of C. S. Lewis’s science fiction trilogy, the “Bent ones” is the best they can muster for demons-and us–because their language carries no cognate for “evil” or “sin”.

Bigot condemns "bigotry."

Some guy at SFGate.com has written a nice little diatribe against the Catholic Church, full of ad hominems, cliches and 5th rate satire. Typical liberal tropes like calling the Catholic Church’s sexual teachings “bigotry.” He starts with the cliche, “You no playa the game; you no make-a the rules,” a longstanding cliche of Protestants and liberal Catholics that is presented, among other things, in C. S. Lewis’s _The Pilgrim’s Regress_. The more seriously worded form is, of course, “Priests don’t know anything about sex because they’re not married.”

Now, how much the Holy Father, or any other priest, knows about sex is between him and God, but priests learn an awful lot in the confessional if they didn’t in seminary or beforehand.

In any case, priests *do* know desire, and they *do* know chastity. It can be argued that many people have gifts for particular virtues, including chastity. There are many men–including married men–who have no problem with chastity (when married, these men tend to become NFP teachers). They have a natural gift for this virtue, and, like anyone with a natural gift, have a hard time understanding those who don’t have that gift. But that’s another story.

There is also an argumen to be made that marriage, as such, carries challenges that–in the context of NFP–a priest may not fully understand.

Nevertheless, a priest, at least in principle, knows how to be chaste. When a priest says, “You need to live in chastity if you’re not married,” the proper response is not, “You don’t know what sex is like.” The proper response is, “I struggle with this virtue, Father, could you please give me some help, since you are so experienced with it?”

Secondly, this article uses the modern day myth that Jesus was all about compassion. As I’ve said many times, I just don’t get where people come up with that silly idea.

Lastly, it uses the liberal argument that all people are created good, according to Genesis, so whatever people want to do must be good. Yeah, right. The Bible also very clearly states that our first parents, created good by God, abused their freedom and sinned, and that we are all sinners and fall short of the city of God, and that very few people actually make it to Heaven.

Randall Terry petitions Vatican against US Bishops

Operation Rescue founder and Catholic convert Randal Terry has led a delegation to the Vatican which has presented evidence on US bishops who have actively worked to support the pro-life cause, pleading with the Vatican to strip these bishops of their offices.