Adoremus Bulletin explains the Litany of the Saints

Adoremus on the Litany of the Saints

The above is a great article explaining the proper use and alteration of the Litany of the Saints. It explains the order to use if you want to write your own litany of the saints, and other issues.

For example, praying a litany on Nov. 2 or in a cemetary, you say, “pray for them,” and it’s OK to pray for an individual and say, “pray for him/her” instead of “us”, as they did at JPII’s funeral.

The article also gives the current liturgical Litany of the Saints as issued by the Church in 2000, including invocations of St. Abraham, St. Moses and St. Elijah.


2 responses to “Adoremus Bulletin explains the Litany of the Saints

  1. Those who despise the Church cannot assail the Church and her ministers the faithful included if how one lives is in accord with what one professes to be true.One small and interesting item happened at the Litany Saints –when the Church kneels and those to be ordained lay prostrate on the floor in humility– asking the saints to intercede for us the cantor invoked the intercession of the sometime Primate of Ireland of the 17th century convicted of treason by England and killed for the faith at Tyburn.

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