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Kevin O’Brien’s Stanford Nutting versus John Chalberg’s G. K. Chesterton

Why Political Parties are Irrelevant: where the Real Power Lies

I’ve said it many times. Look at the lists of richest Americans. Most of them are registered Democrats: Gates, Buffet, Turner, Winfrey, Lucas, Dimon, etc. Those who are not are liberal Independents. The ones who are Republicans are pro-choice Republicans. Look at the list of richest politicians in America. Again: mostly Democrats (Warner, Kohl, Kerry), liberal Independents (Bloomberg) or pro-choice (or fake pro-life) Republicans (Romney, Schwarzeneggar, Trump, etc.)

A few years ago, a friend told me that Warren Buffett and Bill Gates were just “bootlickers” compared with the real wealth and power in the world, and I thought that sounded kooky. The thing is: it’s about hidden assets. For “old money” families, they have ways of keeping the money hidden from the way Forbes and other monitoring groups consider “the wealthiest people in the world.” Secondly, most such lists rank *individuals*. In old money and aristocratic *families*, the fortune is distributed throughout the members, but what matters is the power structure within the Family.

Now, let’s talk about the people who *really* have all the power in the world. There are eight families who control all the world’s banking and, by extension, the world’s corporations. The largest investers in all the major oil companies and all the fortune 500 companies are also the US’s largest banks. The banks themselves do a lot of mutual ownership between themselves and the federal reserve, but the ownership of all of it traces primarily to eight families (as well as Middle Eastern families).

In any case, in the West, eight Families basically control all the banking, and those eight families are, at this point, all intermarried among themselves. And they all intermarried among the top Banking Family of them all, the Rothschilds, the family whose founder basically created modern international banking back in the 1700s. When conspiracy nuts talk about “Rich Jews,” they mean the Rothschilds. Doesn’t mean all Jews are rich or all Jews are involved in a conspiracy to take over the world. It just happens that the main families that control most of the wealth in the Western world are Jewish families (Rothschild, Goldman-Sachs, etc.)

Again, the Rothschilds have, over the past century, intermarried with the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, etc., such that they’re all essentially one big clan, and they’ve also intermarried with all the extant royal houses and aristocratic houses of Europe. Presuming they all follow some kind of traditional Family system, then whoever is at the top of the food chain can theoretically pull the strings through the Family system to get whatever he or she wants. Collectively, through wealth, titles, connections, through the power of the Banks and having *just enough* stock interest in every fortune 500 company, the Rothschild dynasty really does control the world economy. There may be other families with that kind of power, but they do.

This is why it really irks me to hear rank-and-file liberals complaining about the “Super Rich” or the “Mega Rich”. Only a pro-life paleoconservative or libertarian has any business complaining about “the Rich.” All political parties serve the “Mega Rich,” and the Democrats don’t serve the poor, unless you mean serving the poor up on a platter to the Rothschilds.

Even Rush Limbaugh has finally admitted that the GOP is ultimately run by a pro-choice mega rich power structure who are only using Christians, and it’s far time that Christians who vote Democrat admit that the Rich elites who control the government are using their sympathies for the poor to get them to vote Democrat.

The upper middle class are not the “mega rich.” They are our neighbors who own small businesses or decent sized investment portfolios. When the rank and file Republicans talk about “the rich give you jobs,” they really mean “the upper middle class give you jobs.” Those who are truly “THE RICH” (defined not even as millionaires but as those whose fortunes are primarily based upon investments and who do not need to “work” to earn a living) only serve themselves and don’t care about jobs, helping poor people, etc.

But the RICH do a great job of engineering their little war between “Republicans” and “Democrats” that keeps the rest of us from focusing on the real enemy. When George Lucas wrote his _Star Wars_ prequels, particularly the last two, he as much as equated Palpatine to George Bush, but Palpatine could just as much be George Soros (or George Lucas himself).

The Billionaires want the rest of us on the ground to think that there’s this big war between Republicans and Democrats, while they enjoy socializing with one another in spite of the alleged differences in their political views.

It’s time the people who call themselves advocates of the poor stop labeling small business owners (the people who really create jobs and wealth) as “the Mega Rich”. The whole point of a term “mega rich” is to distinguish the billionaires and Hollywood celebrities and athletes and stock brokers and aristocrats from those who work to earn a living and create wealth. It’s time that upper middle class people stopped being so defensive of “the rich” and realize that there’s a huge difference between themselves and those who are truly “Mega-Rich.”

It’s time the pro-life movement stops thinking the GOP has any interest in outlawing abortion. It’s time the anti-war movement stops thinking that the Democrats have any interest in ending war. It’s time the advocates of social justice stopped thinking that the Democrats had any interest in helping the poor.

In other words, it’s time that the rank and file voters stopped blinding themselves to the kinds of social engineering that are outlined in so many documents, including NSSM-200, and realized that our real enemy is the Big Government/Big Business complex which merely carries out the bidding of the Rothschilds.

If we do that: if we shed the allegiance to “parties” and look for a new coalition that is consistently pro life from conception to natural death (anti-contraception, anti-abortion, anti-war, anti-death penalty, anti-euthanasia), that is truly anti-big business and anti-big government, that is truly in favor of helping the poor and strengthening authentic marriage and the family, then that coalition could run the country and strike at the heel of the Rothschilds’ invisible empire.

If we’re just going to sit back and keep fighting the same old stupid battles by using the soundbites and talking points that the Think Tanks paid for by the Rothschilds are dreaming up, then we’ll never be able to unite against them.