Daily Archives: July 13, 2011

Ed Koch to NYC Democrats: Vote Republican

Ed Koch is apparently realizing what most Republicans don’t: as the Democratic Party has turned outright Marxist, the GOP now supports as conservatism what used to be liberalism (i.e., neoconservatism). In particular, old-school liberal Koch is ticked off with Obama for his policies on Israel, so, in the upcoming special election to fill the US House seat of disgraced Democratic politician Bill Clinton John Kennedy John Edwards Gary Hart Anthony Weiner, Koch has called on Democrats in the district, consisting of Brooklyn and Queens, to vote Republican this September, and, as he put it “put a shot across Obama’s bow.”

BTW, if a Republican said “put a shot across Obama’s bow,” what would the media be saying?

In any case, you’d think the Democrats would have learned their lesson by now.