Daily Archives: July 23, 2009

Why do I see so many articles from the UK on Marfan syndrome fundraisers?

It seems that most of the Marfan syndrome related news that pops up on my news search is from the UK. So many articles about people in the UK dying from Marfan syndrome because they didn’t get the proper diagnosis or treatment. Articles about people raising money to save the lives of people with Marfan syndrome. . . . .

Socialized medicine is great, isn’t it?

Taking the Junior Marf to Charleston

Not much posting today, except for what may have been posted earlier.

It’s storming tonight, and I’ve got to go to bed early to take Allie to an eye appointment in Charleston.

She had her year follow up to her surgery in June, and they weren’t able to measure her eyes.  Her right eye is still so weak she couldn’t hold it still for the one method, and then she wouldn’t hold her head still for the other method.  My mom said, “If I give you five bucks, will you do it?”
She said, “Not for 300 bucks!”

The Feast of Mary, Mother of Divine Grace

Today on the Carmelite Calendar is the Feast of Mary, Mother of Divine Grace.  Why we have another Marian feast a week after Our Lady of Mt. Carmel beats me.  Same reason we have the feast of the other Spiritual Founder, St. Elijah, less than a week apart, too, I guess.

Anyway, since Mary is Mary Grace, we’ve always figured this is kind of her “official” feast day of her full name.

It’s also a feast for all you homeschoolers out there who use the Mother of Divine Grace Academy.