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“They hate her, they really really hate her”

Please understand: if you don’t want to vote for Sarah Palin if she runs  for office again, fine.  But I think that anyone concerned about family values/subsidiarity/the pro-life movement should see significance in the way the media, the Democrats and the Republican leadership passionately hate this woman

Candidates rarely come back after losing an election for President *or* Vice President: Kemp, anyone?  Quayle?  Kerry?  Mondale? Ferraro?  Dukakis?  Bentsen?  

McCain and Palin *lost*, yet the media still kept hounding her. 
15 “ethics inquiries” cleared of all charges, over a half million dollars in personal legal bills and millions of dollars in taxpayer and party money spent to clear those frivolous charges, and *not one* proved even grounded.

An accusation does not guilt make.  Obama won’t even provide the documentation required to get a driver’s license, much less be president, and those of us demanding that he produce it are called fanatics and conspiracy crackpots.

Meanwhile, this woman who, at worst, is no more corrupt than every other politician in the known world is maliciously calumniated.   Funny that a woman whose husband resigned from a lucrative job at BP so she wouldn’t be accused of having a conflict of interest as governor, a woman who increased taxes on Big Oil in Alaska, cut government perks, ticked off numerous lobbies and ousted all sorts of corrupt state and local officials in her career, is being labelled “corrupt.”

So, between the malicious “ethics inquiries,” combined with personal attacks on her children, Palin resigned.  Resigned to protect her children.  Resigned to end the frivolous ethics inquiries that were interfering with state business (hey–whatever you think of the various investigations of Slick Willie, did Bill Clinton ever offer to resign?)   Resigned so she could start raising money to pay her legal debts and start fighting the cultural battle against these people freed from the constraints and dignities of political office.

Now what?

Do they sit back and declare victory?  Do they rest satisifed?


Now, even though she’s resigned, they’ve filed an ethics complaint against her because of the independent fund started to pay off her debts!!!!!

In his report, Daniel said his interpretation of the ethics act is consistent with common sense.

An ordinary citizen facing legal charges is not likely to be able to generate donations to a legal defense fund, he wrote. “In contrast, Governor Palin is able to generate donations because of the fact that she is a public official and a public figure. Were it not for the fact that she is governor and a national political figure, it is unlikely that many citizens would donate money to her legal defense fund.”

Yeah, but she wouldn’t have suffered these attacks if she were an “ordinary person,” either.

If Obama were Bush

Patrick Madrid has posted a forward listing the varoius blunders of Komrade Barack Obama during his mere five months as president, noting that any one of those would have been national headlines if Bush had done them.  Some of the highlights:

1.  I didn’t realize Obama *installed* a teleprompter in the Press Room. I thought the teleprompter thing was a bit exaggerated, taking for granted that they all spoke from teleprompters.

2.  They take him to task for giving Queen Elizabeth an IPod of his speeches–tacky, but isn’t that the same as the Pope giving Obama copies of his encyclicals?

3.  Obama kept saying, “Cinco de Cuatro” when he was in Mexico on Cuatro de Mayo (fourth of May).

4.  Burned 9000 gallons of jet fuel to plant one tree on earth day

5.  Referred to the “Austrian” language

6.  Doubling the national debt, and planning to double it again in 10 years

7.  Failed ot send aid to flood victims in the Midwest, where the tally of dead and homeless outnumbers New Orleans after Katrina.

The strange case of Bayard Rustin

Not many people know about Bayard Rustin.  We just learned of him recently.  He was a major figure in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, and a major figure in several other leftist movements.

Initially a Communist, because the Communists supported desegregation, Rustin switched to being  a socialist when the USSR told the Communist Party USA to drop civil rights in favor of an anti-war stance during World War II.

This, in and of itself, is an example of how communists and socialists are really the same thing under different names, just arguing over particulars.

Rustin was an open homosexual and was arrested for sodomy on at least one occasion.

He later helped Martin Luther King, Jr., organize the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. 

Rustin helped organize the March on Washington, and Strom Thurmond decried him as a “Communist, draft-dodger and homosexual,” releasing a photograph of Rustin talking to King while King was in the bathtub–certainly a situation of indecency.

Then, guess what?

In the early 1970s, this upstanding citizen, who was not even a Catholic, and was, if any sort of Christian, a Quaker, served as a member of the board of directors of none other than the University of Notre Dame.

Oh, and he died in 1987 of a perforated appendix.  I wonder how that happened?