I finally found one of my all-time favorite quotes (and where it’s from)

One of my all time favorite quotes comes from issue #93 of the Marvel GI Joe: A Real American Hero. I paraphrase it from time to time, but can never remember the exact quotation, nor where it came from.

[Side note: moments like this made Larry Hama’s work on the top selling comic book of the 1980’s classic; I was dismayed in my adulthood to find out that he was a typical liberal comic book writer, since his tone was often so conservative].

Trying to find the quotation this evening, I hit upon a summary in the GI Joe Comic Book Archive.

Here’s the set-up. The Joes are in the middle of pursuing the Dreadnoks (a biker gang that work for Cobra) somewhere in New York state, and people start getting out of their cars and complaining that the Joes are blocking traffic. Some yuppie starts whining about the military, and insulting the Joes, and there’s a bit of an altercation, which leads another yuppie to start screaming “Brutality! Kent State! Tianamen Square!”

Roadblock fires his heavy machine gun into the air and yells,

That’s it! I’ve about had it! I want all you pathetic self-centered materialistic yahoos to crawl back into your expensive cars that were built by former Axis Powers to the detriment of American auto workers and start twiddling your useless thumbs… BEFORE I LOSE MY TEMPER!

The reason I thought of it this evening is that apparently Barack Obama responded to criticism of rising gas prices by saying everyone should trade in their cars. I told my wife this, and she asked, “For what?” I said, “Expensive cars made by former Axis powers.”

One response to “I finally found one of my all-time favorite quotes (and where it’s from)

  1. That’s like my quote from _The Quest for St. Aquin_ that I always mess up.

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