The Pro-Life Movement is totally wrong

For nearly 40 years, we’ve argued back and forth in the pro-life movement about the best ways to outlaw abortion.

We shouldn’t be trying to outlaw abortion.

We should be demanding citizenship/personhood status for the unborn–and all it takes is one state to do this.

The debate about “outlawing abortion” still presumes the unborn are different from the rest of us. Yes, there is the argument that “Some call abortion ‘murder,’ but I say it’s worse than murder,” as the late Bishop Ernest L. Unterkoefler of Charleston put it. However, it strikes me how easy it really would be to end abortion in America and other affronts against nascent life.

Personhood just applies existing laws to unborn babies, period. One measure, that could be passed by one state (presuming it met Supreme Court approval), that would completely win the victory for the pro-life movement.

One response to “The Pro-Life Movement is totally wrong

  1. That’s the pro-birther movement to me, not the pro-life movement.

    But you’re wrong in one way- due to the extreme federal power grab Roe V. Wade represents, a state law would NOT do the job. We need to get *Congress* to acknowledge the personhood of human life from conception until natural death.

    Luckily there’s already a federal program we can use as precident- WIC already recognizes the personhood of the unborn, and extends to them some welfare support through insuring a good nutritional diet for their mothers (WIC is kind of like food stamps, but much much more limited and individualized). It occurs to me that even a simple acknowledgement of the unborn in the heading of a WIC appropriation, could be argued to be 14th Amendment rights between conception and birth- thus overturning the abortion aspect of Roe V. Wade.

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