Priests and Honey-do Lists

The question isn’t why don’t we have women priests. The question is why aren’t clergy formed to listen to women and generally speaking, think of most of their concerns and requests as their “honey do lists.” I am obviously not meaning sinful or heretical requests. Are priests willing to admit mistakes and apologize?  Do they know their Bride?  Is the Church a bride or a groom?
When we did engaged encounter, our priest told us the question asked before accepting a seminarian was, “Would he make a good husband?” If the answer was no, then he wasn’t admitted.
But are priests trained to listen to women, like Christ did to His Mother and every woman He encountered? Before I met Father Michael and Father Wilson, I would say definitively, no. Many priests were taught clericalism and chauvinism and have no concept of what it’s like to be a husband or what women go through as wives and mothers.
The demeaning of the married priesthood is sacrilegious. Seeing the nastiness spilled about it seems to prove we desperately need them and the high percentage of the clergy who have women issues. The Khouriyas of the East are Godsends. Their husbands intimately know the needs of their wives and children. Their wives support and console them, and yes, set them straight.
I see the Mother Angelica meme going around. Mother Angelica was constantly at odds with “progressive” bishops and priests and said she would blow EWTN sky high before she would let them have it. No woman in the Church today has the power that Mother Angelica had. I don’t think they ever will. Arguably, she is the reason the Church is still going as well as it is in the USA. But it is in spite of many of the clergy, not because of them. Notice she hasn’t been fast-tracked to canonized sainthood.
Maybe we should start Mass with the women saying, “They have no more wine.” The men come in and the women say, “Do whatever He tells you.” Then, the point would be made. Men serve at the women’s requests, just as Christ did. He did not always answer exactly as expected–He usually did a slight correction or test of faith–but He always answered affirmatively. He never turned them away.  The hemorraghing woman had her request answered just by touching His hem.


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