Dorothy Day, a Communist?

I am a volunteer for reading her diaries and typing them out. I am still confused over these issues, as if they are as bad as people claim, then how did she even get named as Servant of God? OTOH, the child abuse scandals of the Church were breaking as they railroaded the canonizations of Pope John Paul II and John the XXIII, who seemed to know of the matters but handled them disastrously. So…SIGH. I still do not see how the Church gets around Acts 2.

The Catholic Eye

I’ve been studying this issue for some time and have reached the conclusion that Dorothy Day had so conflated Communism and Catholicism in her own mind that she saw them as one and the same; which is the only explanation I can find for her lifetime support of Communist governments and ideology, co-existing with devout practice of her Catholic faith.

Another clear mark, in my opinion, of her lifetime adherence to Communism was that she never denounced it or its evils to protect others from becoming ensnared, which is what most people, yours truly included, do once they see a past way of life clearly for the wrong path it was.

The seminal book which cleared up the confusion I had about Dorothy Day, who I once admired, was that by Dr. Carol Byrne, The Catholic Worker Movement, 1933-1980: A Critical Analysis, which, considering Day has been put forward…

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2 responses to “Dorothy Day, a Communist?

  1. Theodore M Seeber

    To get around Acts 2, one must read Acts 3,4,5.

    Communism is a heresy it is true, but it can be seen as atheist cultural appropriation of Catholic corporal works of mercy.

    • I don’t understand your first sentence? That the Church lived in community and distributed according to need is what I was referring to. That’s the Church, not the government and not communism.

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