“Will you be traveling with your disability?”


I may not start packing until the night before, but, mentally, I am laying out what will go into the suitcase weeks before a trip. Its a hassle to have to use up vacation time to go buy something you forgot. But there is one thing I am never going to leave without, and that’s the stress of traveling with a disability.

My grandmother’s 90th birthday brought me to Ohio last week. Despite the trip falling in the center of winter, I enjoyed every moment of sharing meals with family, surprising grandma, and trading jovial jabs with my cousins.

The flight home concluded with a damaged wheelchair and advocating with people who did not really understand where I was coming from.

Now Boarding: Headaches

The stress creeps its way in the moment I open the web browser to search for airfare. Not only am I searching for a good deal…

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