Daily Archives: July 7, 2015

How to get messages about race across more effectively

Three things I wish we could do, as a culture:
1) Acknowledge ethnic diversity but not insist on “race” as something monolithic.  Yes, we’re not all “just people,” but we’re also not all “just white” or “just black,” etc.
2) Talk about institutional racism without phrasing it as “white privilege.”  X’s disadvantage is not necessarily Y’s “privilege,” unless X and Y are socio-economically similar, and in some cases when those situations are comparable, “minority” status can itself be a privilege.
3) Most importantly, and 1 and 2 lead into this, I wish everyone would stop falling into the trap of the Elites’ efforts to divide us so we don’t unite against them.
What’s happened here in SC this past two weeks has illustrated that perfectly.  We *tried* to come together and say, “This once racist jerk [whom I will not name because I don’t like giving mass murderers celebrity status]” doesn’t represent us!”  The victims’ families showed Christian forgiveness.  Other Christians said, “Wow!  What a Christian witness; I don’t know if I’d have done that!”  And some people are saying, “They’re just being racists because they’re more worried about black people rioting than white people killing black people.”  And they start this flag thing, and some of us said, “You’re right, it should probably come down, but it isn’t really going to change anything about racism, and might make things worse.”  And things got worse.  And the media keep trying to divide, and I see people falling into the trap, and it saddens me.