Daily Archives: May 31, 2014

Jesus said Forgive Seventy times seven times

Not “block,” “malign,” “gossip about,” “blacklist,” etc., seventy times seven times. We’re all guilty of it. We don’t necessarily have to put up with abusive behavior:–some in that situation are called to be St. Rita; others St. Dymphna–but we are all called to forgive in our hearts (cf. “The Weight of Glory” and The Great Divorce).
Les Miserables illustrates two sure fire ways to earn Hell: the path of Thenardier and the path of Javert. I praise God that He has more and more saved me from my propensity for the latter.
As people are generally getting fed up with the bickering and in fighting among Catholics in social media, let me offer some suggestions that no one will follow:
A) Enough with guilt-by-association, whether it’s the Pope or the blogger next door,
B) Enough with “this person once said something I disagreed with, so I’ve blocked him.” (Abusive behavior being another matter).
C) Enough with arguing endlessly over abstractions. It’s interesting to a point but hardly evangelistic. How many people are we driving away?
D) Many people of good will, who acknowledge the truth of the Church, who are trying to be virtuous, leave or steer clear because they are scandalized by the people in the Church-you and me-who are unwelcoming, constantly bicker, and do not provide the kind of Christian community they want.
D) We don’t have to sit around and just share prayer requests or happy thoughts, but why not talk about practical ways to live out our faith in parish and public life?