Daily Archives: April 27, 2014

I finally heard the “My Little Pony Mass”

Dan Schutte, whose biggest claim to fame was ripping off the “Brady Bunch” theme song for “Here I Am, Lord,” has now written an entire mass setting that seems to be derived from the “My Little Pony” tune:
Even the local “youth Mass” we usually end up attending on Sunday evenings thankfully only stoops to using Contemporary Protestant music at Communion but sticks to more familiar 70s tunes. Schutte has apparently never written a Mass setting in his illustrious career. In spite of recent quotations about following the rubrics that have raised his status in my mind of late, his “new” setting published in the post-new translation edition of _Gather_ not only uses the hokey melody linked above, but it also breaks _Liturgiam Authenticam_ right out of the gate by changing the words.

So, anyway, we happened to attend St. Peter’s in Columbia today after my Carmelite meeting and got to hear this setting for the first time. Since St. John Paul II visited there in 1988, we went down the hall to make a pilgrimage to the chair he sat it, which used to be on display but isn’t anymore. Then we went to the wall of crucifixes I posted about a few years ago.
Joe asked, “Why do they still have *that* one?”
Buddhist Cross
Gianna said, “They shouldn’t have a Yin Yang Cross!”
Clara asked, “What’s a Yin Yang?”
Gianna said, “You don’t need to know about that till you’re my age.”

On the other hand, the lady in front of me knelt to receive Communion. The kids were very good for Mass, and when Joe asked me to take him to the bathroom after Communion, he came out, and I just stayed in the hall to say my prayers. He pointed to the sanctuary and asked, “When are we going back in there?”