If Republicans are so “rich”

Why does one executive’s $1000 donation to a “right wing” political campaign 6 years ago make headlines?
Last week, by coincidence nationally and because of reflecting on the anniversary of my surgery, locally, I was looking up one of the surgeons who did my aortic replacement last year.  Long story short, he made headlines back in 2004 for giving $500 to Charlie Condon’s campaign for US Senate (in which Condon ultimately lost to Jim DeMint).  Unless it’s a typo, the newspaper spent probably more than $500 worth of column space just to say that a local surgeon gave $500 to a Republican political campaign.

Why is that news if Republicans are the “party of the rich”?  We know ordinary Democrats who regularly give thousands of dollars to campaigns, yet they don’t get entire articles written about them in newspapers.  Hmmm..

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