A response to Adam Shaw

An email I wrote to Fox News’s Adam Shaw regarding his recent hit piece on Pope Francis

Dear Mr. Shaw,

I write to you as a brother in Christ to ask you to reconsider your attitudes towards Pope Francis.  You have made a name for yourself twice by attacking a small handful of Pope Francis’s teachings which you seem to think are inconsistent with the existing Magisterium condemning all modernist economic theories.  What troubles  me, though, is your premise that “aspiration” is a good thing for laity, and your condemnation of priestly simplicity.

All Catholics are called to practice simplicity and humility. We are called to be Saints, and that should be our only aspiration.  As a husband and father, my only “aspiration” for my family is that they be holy, and holiness includes shunning worldly “values.”  I would rather they be uncomfortable in this life and happy in Heaven then comfortable in this life and burn in Gehenna.

People make a big deal about the first seven Commandments but tend to treat 8-10 like they’re “no big deal.”  We soak in covetousness on television and advertising and think somehow that we’re not committing mortal sin just by wanting a “comfortable life” in this valley of tears.

Pax et bonum,

John Hathaway, OCDS


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