Nonsense from “Catholics for Choice”

An ad printed in the _Austin-American Statesman_:

Where to start with their “reasoning”? First, as “Catholics,” they should know that bodies are not separate from souls, and therefore are not objects to be “owned.” Then they should realize that their bodies are not “their own” but the Lord’s. Third, what about the baby’s rights?
What does abortion have to do with “medical coverage” and “proper care”?
“I do not want someone telling me that I may or may not have children.”
Problem: once an abortion is being considered, you already have a child. You’re just choosing whether to kill him or her, so why not wait till after the kid’s born? Why do a few inches make the difference in whether a child has rights?

“I believe that no politician or pope has any business controlling . . . . ”
As soon as those words come out of your mouth, as far as the “Pope” part, you’re not a Catholic anymore.
“I am prochoice because I don’t believe that government or someone else’s religion. . . . ”
So, in other words, you’re admitting that Catholicism is someone else’s religion.


5 responses to “Nonsense from “Catholics for Choice”

  1. Theodore Seeber

    I try to ignore that group. I try, but they keep trying to impose their heresy on me.

  2. As I’m sure you realize, those people represent an obnoxiously vocal minority of Catholics. The teachings of the Church and its faithful are to defend all human life from natural conception to natural death.

    • As I’m sure you realize, I’m both Catholic and pro-life. And my point is that these people are heretics and, therefore, not Catholics–assuming they really are nominal Catholics at all, given that these are just a bunch of boilerplate pro-abortion quotations with anonymous attribution.

  3. I didn’t realize when I first bumbled in. I feared you might be anti-Catholic and taking these people to be representative of all Catholics. After I posted I looked around and felt dumb. It was late and I was tired. But thanks, and peace be with you. 🙂

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