Pope Francis Demonstrates “What Went Wrong WIth Vatican II”

Pope Francis’s recent addition to the Roman Canon, adding the name of St. Joseph to Eucharistic Prayers 2-4, demonstrates how the changes to the liturgy *after* Vatican II were not what Bl. John XXIII intended.  The reason the “traditional” Missal is the 1962 Missal is that the very first change of Vatican II was the addition fo St. Joseph’s name to the Canon to begin with, the first change to the Canon since Trent.  Then, as the liturgy written by Rembert Weakland & co. came about, it cut various specific names of Saints from the liturgy (i.e., in the Confiteor) to *downplay* saints.  This, while it’s going to rankle some feathers over the “need” to re-translate and re-publish, is a step in the right direction.


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