Have a Heart: Blues Singer Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson, a legendary blues singer who died before his time, is another of the most credible “historical Marfan” diagnoses.

According to this site, he had long arms, legs and figures; hyperflexibility; lazy eye and “cataract”; and died a sudden death in a manner often described with aortic dissection. 

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6 responses to “Have a Heart: Blues Singer Robert Johnson

  1. If we know where he’s buried, it might be possible to settle the question.

    • Well, at this point, the only “question” is which one. It is now pretty much certain that any person who is tall, has long fingers, and hypermobility has *some* connective tissue disorder. The question is whether it’s Marfan1, Marfan2, Ehlers Danlos (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6), Loeys Dietz, MASS, etc.

  2. I mean we could measure his genetics.

    • I know what you mean. I’m just saying that, in principle, it doesn’t matter because hypermobility is itself a sign of a genetic disorder. So, regardless of whether he had Marfan or another disorder, it still proves the point that people with genetic disorders have special roles in God’s plan.

  3. No it doesn’t! You can’t prove anything about “God”‘s plan, because we have no evidence about God. None whatsoever. Evidence is by definition natural; “God” is SUPERnatural. Evidence does not apply, so there is no proof.

    • You are such a fool. *Evidence* can take all sorts of forms. Miracles, for example, all the time, but people like you are too stupid to appreciate them. They don’t fit your limited brain power, so you come up with the dumbest ways to “explain them away” (recently read a fantastic piece on how atheists totally misinterpret Occam’s Razor). For example: Fatima. Tens of thousands of people, soaking wet. Sun “dances.” Tens of thousands of people, bone dry. Atheists witnessed it and said it happend and they had no explanation for it.

      But I am not going to let you hijack this thread with another of your subject-changing rants.

      The point is that you pro-choice Nazis want your “Perfect” master-race, and it’s nice to point out who you’d be eliminating in your goals of exterminating us “useless” disabled people.

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