Have a Heart: Actor Vincent Schiavelli

Vincent Schiavelli was not only one of our most noted “celebrity Marfans,” but in the Marfan community he’s known for his generosity in reaching out to other Marfans, particularly children, and giving them his time and attention.

May he rest in peace.

3 responses to “Have a Heart: Actor Vincent Schiavelli

  1. He was a fine character-actor with a formidable dead-pan. He played the automated weapons-salesman in one of the best episodes of STAR-TREK TNG’s first season.

    Whatever he was in, he made more fun to watch by being in it.

  2. In the Star Trek TNG episode, he had a great line: “Remember, the early bird that hesitates, gets wormed!” Waggling a finger at the camera.

  3. Not only was this man a brilliant talent, he also was supremely gifted at taking life’s lemons and making the most spectacular lemonade. An old soul in a body that gave out at a young age, to know this man was to love him. May God bless him, always!

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