Have a Heart: the St. Jude Valve

Donate to St. Jude’s Hospital (just specify that the donation cannot be used for research involving embryonic stem cells or fetal tissue). Founded by Maronite Catholic Danny Thomas, St. Jude developed the artificial valve that keeps me and thousands of other people alive.

3 responses to “Have a Heart: the St. Jude Valve

  1. OCS, your post, while interesting, was hugely irrelevant. Charity is not just about “bang for the buck,” as you put it.

  2. Then how do you decide where to send your charity dollars???

    • 1. Well, first of all, the post was about St. Jude’s Hospitals, specifically. So contradicting my choice of charity was an irrelevant post.
      2. In theory, at least, St. Jude’s is a Catholic hospital.
      3. I care about immediate effects.
      4. The kind of research you’re talking about is already well-funded by corporate donors and university grants. In some sense, I actually have a problem with donating to medical research at all under this particular standard, because I know the people are going to yield huge profits from their research. They get free money to do research, then they get profits from selling the results of the research.
      5. Do you know what “charity” means? Charity is first and foremost about love.

      If this *were* a post about what kinds of charity are worthwhile (and I actually have one cooking in my brain about that topic, due to recent controversies about the USCCB), it would be relevent.

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