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“Have a Heart”: Allie (American Life League Shoot) 1

Subtle _Star Trek_ Crossover on CBS’ _Vegas_

While CBS’s new prime time mystery/soap/nostalgia drama _Vegas_ is based loosely on the life of real life Sheriff Ralph Lamb (Dennis Quaid), it has already taken many liberties with historical fact. Well, it appears now that _Vegas_ takes place in the same universe(s) as _Star Trek_, because they share a common character: singer Vic Fontaine!

In the last few seasons of _Deep Space Nine_, the crew begin frequenting a holodeck/holosuite recreation of a 1960s Vegas lounge, which although it is part of Quark’s Bar comes to compete with the actual bar for popularity. The host of the program is a self-aware holo-character called Vic Fontaine (James Darren), who is supposed to be based upon a “real” (in fiction) singer from the 1960s.

James Darren as DS9's Vic Fontaine

James Darren as DS9’s Vic Fontaine

Well, in this week’s episode of CBS’s _Vegas_, Vincent Savino (Michael Chiklis) is trying to recruit a lounge singer for the Savoy who’s under contract with a competing casino: Vic Fontaine!!

I don’t know whether the writers intended it to be the same “character” as in _Trek_, or simply an “Easter Egg,” but it’s pretty cool, and both series are owned by CBS Studios (formerly Paramount Television formerly Viacom formerly Desilu).

I’m not even sure if there was an actor cast as “Vic Fontaine” because he was mostly referred to in the third person in negotiations between Savino and the competing casino owner, and I can’t find any references to the character at all online, but I think it’s pretty cool.