Daily Archives: January 2, 2013

Aspirations of Ven. Fr. Cyril, OCD, to the Divine Infant Jesus


My Jesus, Holy Child, I love in Thee
The Son of God and of the Virgin Mary;
I pray, from present needs deliver me.
For truly do I firmly trust in Thee
That Thou as God canst provide for me.
Wherefore, confidently, I place my hope in Thee
That Thy favors will be granted to me.
Hence with heart and soul I cherish Thee;
Sorrow for my sins deeply grieves me.
Because of them humbly I beseech Thee,
O Jesus, to root them out completely.
I promise never more to offend Thee,
And therefore, Jesus, surrender all to Thee.
My neighbor as myself I love for Thee.
Most powerful Jesus, hear my prayerful please
To suffer and to serve Thee faithfully,
And I adore and worship Thee accordingly.
Deliver me from this necessity:
That with the Virgin Mother, worthily
Like Joseph and Teresa virgin, Thee
We may enjoy with heaven’s court eternally.
O my Jesus, Jesus, dearest Jesus,
Have mercy on us. Amen! Amen! Amen!